Monday, 5 October 2015

Rusty Memories

Hello, dear Friends!
We can always count on Olga to charm up some unique poetic atmosphere with her art pieces.
Today's no different. Enjoy all the mixed media textures and meanings!

Autumn is the most reflective and melancholic season. It is filled with rusty colours, misty shades and soft sunlight which warm muses seated on golden branches. Just a perfect time for a little mixed media adventure.

I started with covering a canvas panel with vintage book pages which I glued down with Soft Gel. After drying I stamped some crotchet patterns and painted the whole with a thin coat of white Heavy Gesso.
To add some blue and brown smears I used water-soluble pencils and tea stain. Then I put a bit of clear Crackling Paste here and there.

 When everything was dry I applied a thick coat of 3D Gloss Gel using a pallete knife and a dotty stencil. A pinch of shimmering Mica Powder was then applied on the dump medium to highlight the pattern.
To prepare dimensional additions I glued down a few portraits of vintage ladies onto bottle caps and then altered their features with a black fineliner and watercolour pencils.

I used clear Heavy Gesso to paint both ruffled edges of the bottle caps, and the numeral embellishments, both from Mechanical collection. Their tones became more even and well prepared for covering them with Mica Powders.
I fixed the mentioned additions to the canvas with 3D Gel and sealed dried seeds along with Micro Beads in a glazing medium to obtain glossy round portraits.

To frame the canvas I fixed four brads in all corners and threaded wires underneath. I also attached some fibres around the numbers.
The last step was painting the metal elements with Soft Gel mixed with Mica Powders in rusty and green colours. Voilà! The canvas is ready.

Have a great week, Olga


MARCH said...

j'adore !

Patty O'Malley said...



Wonderfull ! love it !

Sanda Reynolds said...

So, so lovely!!! 😍😍

Marci said...

Very interesting and beautiful! Thank you for the step by step directions.

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