Friday, 30 October 2015

What if... by Marta Lapkowska

Hello Friends!
Let me tell you this - you will absolutely fall in love with Marta's creativity - if you haven't done that already. ;)
Her project today is truly a treat - but no more talking, you have to see it!

Hello my mixed media friends,

It is so good to be back to you !
I know that it's been a while since my last video tutorial :) and some of you were asking me to create a new one, so here it is !

Today's project was inspired by super talented Janka. A couple of months ago she created an altered piece for Mixed Media Place. I loved it so much that it stayed in my head till now.

I decided that I have to use her idea of altering an unwanted food can. ;)
It was challening for me but I enjoyed it a lot.

To create this fantastic texture heaven I used Finnabair brand new Snowflake Paste.
And let me tell you, this is a wonderful medium to achieve rusty and corroded texture for your projects. All you need to do is add some colour !

To colour the sides of the can I used a mix of different Mica Powders from Finnabair. 

Additionally, I used some autumn goodies - wild roses. I dried them a little before painting. :)

As my title I stamped some words from Finnabair's stamp sets.
My main focus is a girl cut out from Ephemera - Vintage Collectibles.

I hope you will enjoy my video. Be sure to share your creations if this project will inspire you to make some art ! I hope to hear from you :)

Hugs, Marta xx

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Tsaima Eirini said...

Fantastic!!!!Thank you for the inspiration!!!

teri reed said...

Sensational Marta!!!!!

Linda DesGroseilliers said...

Great tutorial, Marta!!

Kathy Bradley said...

Beautiful piece, Marta - I love that the little fairy is getting ready to enter into her magical world - the colors on the outside and the textures are wonderful. As always, your video was awesome.

MS Design said...

Amazing work!

Sandra Inwards said...

What wonderful work thank you for sharing

barsik said...

Marta, I want to express my delight! Thank you for inspiring people with their projects. You stunning master! I never write as needed. These emotions come from my heart.

Patty O'Malley said...

Love this!

Marci said...

I love this! Whimsical, magical. The video was great, too.

Tayla Naden said...

Beautiful work! I find myself holding on to unusual cans and jars just for these types of projects. (Although I rarely ever actually give them a try!)

I have some serious art supply envy watching these videos! So many new techniques to try in everything you share. I especially liked how you spritzed the mica powder with water over the textured areas. I WANT TO DO THAT TOO!

Juliz Design Post said...

Fantastic project and video.
Julie x

Karin said...

Stunning project!

Athanasia said...

Amazing! Wow!

Sanda Reynolds said...

Simply magical!!! <3

Kasia Bogatko said...

Marta, amazing project! I love the texture you made :*

Mandy: Less is Bore! said...

Wow Marta, this is sooo dreamy! You're very talented!