Thursday, 18 August 2022

Class Collaboration of 4 Artists: Finnabair, Nuneka, Olga Heldwein and Iveta Ziedina

 Hello friends!!

We are very excited!! 

Four amazing artists worked together to prepare 4 mini classes focused on Finnabair moulds and the possibilities, they give. 

The effect of this collaboration is just gorgeous!! Each class is so different yet filled with hints, passion and enthusiasm, that could be contagious :)

All four classes are available in English and Spanish!

All classes are pre-recorded and you can watch them as often as you wish.

Lifetime access.

Detailed lists of supplies.

Below you can see short information about each of the classes. 

Detailed information about each class is available at Finnabair Art Studio

You can buy:
 a single mini class for 9.90 EUR + tax
2 mini classes for 16,90 EUR + tax
3 mini classes for 22,90 EUR + tax
all 4 mini classes for 27,70 EUR + tax

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