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June Ambassadors' Spotlight

Hello friends,

It's time to invite on our blog Finnabair Brand Ambassadors so that they could inspire you. 

This month's theme is "altered cover + textures, moulds and metal elements" and the host is Aga Baraniak. Below you can see the projects by our very talented Brand Ambassadors: Vasilis Kontos, Pascale B., Karolina Bukowska and Riikka Kovasin.

Today, together with our Ambassadors we will take you to our artistic world where every head and thoughts connect with a totally different Vision. 

I like simple projects which show the product. As you know, Finnabair silicone forms are gorgeous and I have decided to show you how they can play the first fiddle in the project. Wax and acrylic paints are the magic which fulfils every design. The binding for my new journal is ready.

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Have you ever observed how nature quickly takes over when you let it happen?  Have you ever come across an old building,  an abandoned car filled with plants and flowers. It’s what I try to reproduce here.  

First, I added a design with graphite paste which I partially covered with white crackle paste. When dry, I painted with black gesso. 

I used metallic flakes to cover the resin gears with the help of gilding glue and painted all the metallic elements with black gesso.

When I was happy with my composition, I brought back all the details with white gesso. Then I added the colors with liquid acrylic and metallic paints.

I used antiquing wax to tone down the metallic flakes and metallic waxes to highlight all the details. 

To finish, I added Golden Dragon and Magic Potion Unicorn pastes. 

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

Today I come to you with an altered cover. I filled it with metals and a patina of rust.
I chose the proven Rust and Patina effect.

Despite the strong finish, it is still feminine.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Moulds, metals, and texture – what a divine combination! I made this assemblage on the cover of my journal. The inspiration, besides the great combo of products set by the theme, was the movie “Snow White and The Huntsman”. The big frame drew my thoughts to the magic mirror and to the character of the Queen, who in the course of the film turns into crows and whose dress is ornated with bird skulls. The colour combo of blue, brown, and black was also partly inspired by the movie, partly by my current favourite palette of blue and brown. 

I used three moulds to make the embellishments used in the cover. “Grungy Frames” for the big frame, “Birds and Bats” for the bird skull focal point and “Cogs and Wings” for the feathered wings underneath the butterfly wings. The frame is cast using air-drying clay, but the smaller embellishments I did using hot glue. 

For the metal elements part, I used embellishments from different Mechanicals packages and added one found piece in there, too. I highlighted the texture of the embellishments using wax and added some texture to the background using Modeling Paste. 

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Hello dear crafters
Inspired by the scrapbooking album Rustical time by ab studio I created an alter craft book box.
A lot of textures on the scrapbooking paper, stencil, chipboards, moulds and metallic elements for
the decoration. To transform the cover of an old book is always magical. And the combination of all
these elements helps for the creation of a lot of textures in the project.

So first glue all around the scrap paper, then I apply a layer of clear gesso and to the end I make
stencil with the Jewel Effect Paste True Emeralds.

Starting create my composition I glue first leftovers from my scrap paper, then decorative
chipboard, metallic elements and moulds.

Everything is glued with heavy body gel. When I finish my composition I apply a layer of white
gesso and then I paint with liquid acrylics, metallique acrylic paint and sparks acrylic paint.
For the highlights, I used matte waxes and metallique wax.

To the end, I glued the portrait with the vintage lady
Hope you like it….<3

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

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