Monday, 22 November 2021

A place in my heart by Olga Sępkowska

 I brought back a bit of autumn to my studio. Metallic flowers, fern leaves and browns and golds. Also, a touch of grey, because that's what the weather has been like for the past few days. The perfect moment to bring back happy moments and people who hold a place in your heart. 

I sealed the wooden shutters with white gesso. This is important because wood does not like excess water. Once the gesso was dry, I applied the pattern through the mask using modelling paste. Which is also sticky, so I didn't need to use any extra glue to attach the other part of the shutter.

When I finish a project and feel that something is still missing, Unicorn's hair dye often comes to my rescue. The colour may be inconspicuous, but it gives a beautiful shine and is perfect for finishing a project. I love combining it with rust. 

You can see the steps in the process of creating my project in the video. Have fun!



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1 comment:

Mrs A. said...

I have just sat and watched your video and it is so inspiring. I don't know how you when it is done. I thought it looked perfect about half way through and then you kept going and the result is outstanding. hugs Mrs A.

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