Thursday, 12 September 2019

Here Comes the New - meet our 2019/2020 Creative Team!

Hi my sweet friends!
Oh, what an exciting day it is!
As always in this time of the year, we are facing the changes on Finnabair Creative Team - and it is a truly bittersweet time as we need to say goodbye to some crazy talented, beautiful creative souls to make the space to welcome new, inspiring people who are joining us for the next term.

Before we will do the official announcement I'd like to take a moment here to send my huge thanks to my Creative Team and Team Coordinator for all they do for Finnabair Brand and for me as a person as well.
As I said many times before I feel so blessed I'm surrounded with so generous, open-hearted, talented people who are ready to stand by my side and spread the love for art. I appreciate each project, tutorial, video, comment - it is all making the magic happen and turning one-person's dream into a dream of so many...and with each post, piece of art or simply nice, friendly comment we can make a huge difference and turn this dream into reality. Thank you so much for making it all possible.
I can't express how important it is for me - thank you!

I know it may be a surprise for some of you there was no Team Call this year. There are few reasons behind this decision, but one of the most important reasons was, we wanted to show our appreciation and support to the artists who were supporting the brand through the whole year, inspiring us with the most beautiful projects based on my products, with great tutorials and helping to build the brand visibility. I think you will agree, these creative souls are an excellent choice and I'm sure they will rock their Team position in the coming term!
Please give huge welcome to the new Finnabair Creative Team!

1. From: Kołobrzeg, Poland. I live by the sea and I love it. You'll see it in my projects, I'm sure :)
2. Always on my work table: gesso, gauze, A LOT of brushes
3. Favorite color palette: turquoise, blue, brown, gold
4. Favorite creations: definitely the scrapbooking pages, with a touch of mixed-media
5. I'm inspired by: life, photos, people
6. When I see a blank page/canvas: I want to do something special and better than before.
7. Cats or dogs? Dogs!
8. Tea or coffee? Year-round coffee, and in cold winter evenings - tea
9. Simple or messy? Messy
10. I'm dreaming about: to be always loved, healthy and happy

1. From? Born in Finland but have lived in Sweden all my life.
2. There is always a cup of coffee on my table with all my brushes and palette knives.
3. I am a big fan of teal in any shades. Teal with brown to create a vintage feeling.
4. Favorite creations are often rusty and grungy. Like to mix rusty with a bit shabby feeling. I like contrast when I create.
5. I am inspired by: There are so many to get inspiration from but always love Ola Khomenok and Kasia Bogatko's work.
6. When I see a blank page, I always want to create. My heads start to spin around with ideas.
7. Cats or dogs? I am a cat lover.
8.  Tea or coffee? I drink several cups of coffee every day. Ok, I drink latte every day. Lot of milk to my coffee.
9. Simple or messy? I try to do both ways, it is a freedom when you create. But I think I am more simple than messy.
10. My dream is that my children will have a good and healthy life in the future.

1. From? - Saint-Petersburg, Russia. But sometimes it seems to me that in a past life I lived in Paris)), I adore this city!
2. Always on my work table: paints, texture pastes, waxes, sprays, stamps and my teddybears collection­čśä.
3. Favorite color palette: it depends from seasons and my mood, but my main favorite colours are green, dark blue, dusty rose, grey. And rust, almost always.
4. Favorite creations: canvases, altered art, atc, albums. I really like re-painting an old things.
5. I am inspired by: nature, most of the time. Also urban textures, architecture and very often materials inspire me. And of course new materials.
6. When I see a blank page, it means that I'm just starting work or I don’t have time to create something because I have to do other things.
7. Cats or dogs? Dogs. I have jack russell terrier.
8. Tea or coffee? Definitely coffee.
9. Simple or messy? Messy!
10. I'm dreaming about many things. But always about my own house with big studio and winter greenhouse

1. From? Ukraine, but now we live in Moscow with my family.
2. Always on my work table: mediums and gesso, paints, brushes, sprays and my baby girl when I create.
3. Favorite color palette: blue, violet and gold.
4. Favorite creations: I really like different creations, but most of all are canvases and an altered art.
5. I am inspired by: everything around me - nature, movies, books, feelings, emotions and new materials for creativity.
6. When I see a blank page/canvas: I challenge my possibilities and create a color and a new idea.
7. Cats or dogs? Cats.
8. Tea or coffee? Coffee definitely.
9. Simple or messy? Messy! My fingers are always a bit in the paint
10. I'm dreaming about: being myself, inspire people, create and be better every day.

1. From? Russia
2. Always on my table? Brushes, palette knives, sewing machine, glue, phone and dryer.
3. Favourite colours: blue, purple, rust color, red
4. Favourite creations: Canvases and Boxes
5. I am inspired by: colour combinations, new materials, songs.
6. When I see a blank page, I create a composition. I love this process.
7. Cats or dogs? Cats, raccoon and alpaca Alfie from Australia ­čśŹ
8. Tea or coffee? Coffee.
9. Simple or messy? Sometimes elegant, sometimes messy :)
10. I'm dreaming about my live mixed media school.

1. From?
I come from a small European country Slovenia, where I live with my husband and three wonderful children. It's a beautiful place to live in. We have gorgeous nature, endless forests, beautiful lakes, breathtaking mountains and a bit of a sea too. And we have word "love" in our name. :)
2. Always on my work table:
I'm one of those with big table and a square inch of space to work on. :D So there is a lot of the things on my work table. I'm now learning to clean after each project I make. :) But I have on my table all the things I'm regularly using: my brushes, basic supplies (gesso, texture pastes, gel medium,), paints, art stones,...
3. Favorite color palette:
Turquoise and blues with brown and gold and I also love to create with greens in combination with brown and gold
4. Favorite creations:
Definatelly altered art. I love to take old treasures and repurpose them, give them another life. I'm also enchanted over assemblage art. But when I want to "relax" I play with canvases, small boxes, tags and art journal pages.
5. I am inspired by:
Everyday life around me, by nature most often and also by books, by movies,...
6. When I see a blank page/canvas:
My mind starts to brainstorming how I can take that canvas "out of the box". I love everything that is different, unusual, special, so I'm always excited over ideas that I feel take things to another level.
7. Cats or dogs?
Cats! I love cats! But I also love dogs! They are just perfect! Their love is so pure and unconditional!
8. Tea or coffee?
9. Simple or messy?
The messier the merrier! :)
10. I'm dreaming about:
World of honest love. My family being happy and healthy. Having our own house with a big, spacious and bright art studio.

1. From? I’m from Poland
2. Always on my work table: Everything I love to work with the most;)) Favorite media and products without which I can’t imagine creating
3. Favorite color palette: Definitely a natural color palette and all shades of brown.
4. Favorites creations: A retro, vintage vibes with mechanical elements, a bit of naturalness, always bleached and slightly splashed
5. I am inspired by: I’m inspired by what surrounds me, certain images always stay in my head.
6. When I see a blank page, I usually feel like creating something on it;))
7. Cats or dogs? Cats, I have a wonderful British kitten myself, but I also like dogs.
8. Tea or coffee? Coffee! Sometimes it puts me on my feet, but I like its taste and smell – necessarily with milk.
9. Simple or messy? Hmmm… it’s hard to say. I’m trying for simplicity but it comes out as usual.
10. I'm dreaming about: For peace of mind, health and love. To this the possibility of creating gives full happiness.

1. From? I live in Nevada, United States
2. Always on my work table:The mess from my last few projects. 
3. Favorite color palette: I love a few different colors Blues, purples and a good rusty look. 
4. Favorites creations: This one is hard because I take pride in everything I create. I think maybe whatever my latest project is would be my favorite at the moment. 
5. I am inspired by: Everything. I know that sounds cliche but it's true. I was inspired by some cardboard recently and created a layout. I am often inspired by a product or a photo of my kids. I find inspiration in nature and of course from all of my talented creative friends. 
6. When I see a blank page, 
7. Cats or dogs? We have a cat but I am more of a dog person
8. Tea or coffee? Coffee and more coffee 
9. Simple or messy? Messy for sure. Although I make pretty clean/simple cards too but messy mixed media is my passion. 
10. I'm dreaming about: On a light note an endless supply of all my favorite craft supplies. When I am about to run out they just magically appear in my craft room again.

1. From? I live in the north in the Republic of Sakha. I love our snowy town Yakutsk and friendly and kind people who live here. In Yakutia there is really beautiful nature: the Lena Pillars, the Bulus, the Lena River and I really love all these places and as often as possible I leave the city for our summer home.
2. Always on my work table: On the table I always have brushes and tools, a box with my favorite stamps and boxes with paints and pastes. And when I'm not creating, then there is always a cat also lying on my table. :)
3. Favorite color palette: I really like different shades of blue, purple and brown with green.
4. Favorite creations: I feel the most comfortable with layouts and canvases. But I like to leave this comfort zone and often try out new things for myself.
5. I am inspired by: Music, books, beautiful images in the movies or in photographs. Nature and people.
6. When I see a blank page/canvas: This is my favorite moment! When you look at beautiful paper or the texture of the canvas I like to think how to convey the mood, which method I can use and what kind of new material to try.
7. Cats or dogs? Cats! I have two. :)
8. Tea or coffee? Tea.
9. Simple or messy? Messy.
10. I'm dreaming about: I dream about my own studio and having more space for my art and I believe that in time I will come true.

1. From? Brasil/Israel
2. Always on my work table: the projects I’m working on  simultaneously. Gesso (all 3), mediums, waxes, paints, brushes, sprays.
3. Favorite color palette: Rust+Teal, Rose+Brown and Gold with everything.
4. Favorites creations: My comfort zone is definitely altered objects, specially Boxes but I love to create Canvases, Layouts and more
5. I am inspired by: New products, dreams, Colors, images, paintings and Nature
6. When I see a blank page, I imagine how I want it to be like. What do I want to express and what I feel like using.
7. Cats or dogs? I used to be a Dog person bit since Juice (our British Cat) arrived I’m in love.
8. Tea or coffee? Coffee and Brazilian 
9. Simple or messy? Messy
10. I'm dreaming about: Having this huge and gorgeous Studio, being able to support myself uniquely from Art. Seeing my daughter’s success!

and CT coordinator

* * *

Also - thank you for all, our creative friends, fans and followers for your kind words for me and my Team - this really means the world to us and give us the energy to inspire you even more! You are so important here, I hope you can feel all our love going your way!
Sending hugs your way


Elena Martynova said...

Congratulations girls! Wonderful team!

Mariane said...

Congratulations to all new members, I am looking forward to seeing what you will come up with for sure. :D

mamablitger said...

Oh dear ... what an awesome design team !! I know a few of the very creative ladies already and follow their blogs / You Tube chanel. I’m looking so much forward to your new projects. Working as a team member for Finnabair and Anna will inspire you and us . Thank you for all your efforts.
Hugs to all of you ...

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