Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Finn's Video Journals - new YT videos for you!

Hi my lovely creative people!
There is a time when you feel you'd like to do something different, look for the new formula or just try some fresh approach. It happens for me from time to time as well and after months of thinking I've finally got brave enough to start my new kind of videos on YouTube - Video Journals.
What is the plan and the formula?
There is none, to be honest! I've decided to go with the flow and simply focus on the things I'm working on or thinking at that moment, show you a bit more of my life, share some thoughts and experience. It's very likely every episode will be different - depending on the topic and I will be experimenting with different ways of building the video of course... I will try to make it fun for both sides - so you can expect vlogs, over the shoulder shots, chats, inspirational speeches, unboxing of the new product... Well, just expect a bit of everything.
It doesn't mean I won't post tutorials or FB Live anymore! It's just my way to get closer to you and be able to share a bit more of my thoughts and adventures and as my friends - and many of you pointed to me - we are moving away from the blogs and getting on more visual social media more and more... I'm not sure if I like it, but I guess it is time to adapt!

Today I've got Video Journal #2 ready for you! 
If you'd like to know more about images, photos and pictures I keep using in my projects and designs or simply listen to me talking and showing some of the projects - grab your much and have a seat.

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Make sure you won't miss a single tutorial from my fabulous Team!

Just in case if you missed my first Video Journal - you can find it here below - enjoy!

Wishing you all a wonderful, creative week!

1 comment:

Christine Kiehl said...

Thank you for sharing this heads up to tune into your video journal! I really enjoyed them! Just as much as I love your style and your work! Truly amazing. Thank you! For everything!

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