Saturday, 12 January 2019

Winter 2019 - Finnabair Products Reveal 2 - Metal Frames, Liquid Acrylics and Tissue Papers!

Hi again, I'm back and I've got TONS of exciting news to share!
If you missed my previous post - the one with my new amazing colours of Art Alchemy Waxes, new Art Extravagance Pastes and brand new Moulds - no worries, you can find it here!

Today we are flooding the web with the most beautiful samples created with new designs of mine, released by Prima - and I hope you will love them as much as I do!

To start with - something big and bold - NEW Metal Frames!
Not one, not two, but THREE new alterable metal shapes are here for YOUR creative enjoyment! First up is this gorgeous teapot! See the finished example I've created created for you with moulded pieces from my new Mould Sets (Mechanica, Moons and Stars), new colours of Art Alchemy Metallique Waxes, and new LIQUID ACRYLICS! (More on those below!)

Next is this Birdhouse by super talented Aleksandra - it's just gorgeous!

And just look at this sparkly and beautiful Alarm Clock frame, altered with waxes by amazing Dorota - it's simply beautiful!

Now something I was waiting for a long time to happen - Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylics! The complete opposite to my Impastos these art babies will take your projects to completely new level!
 These vibrant liquid paints open up a whole new rainbow of possibilities for crafting, mixed-media, painting, and more! Available in 14 luscious colours, use straight or mix with Liquid Colour Fluid Medium for longer wet times and more techniques.
Art Alchemy Liquid Colors are high-quality, liquid acrylic paints with amazing, vibrant and rich color, and a glossy, semi-translucent finish. They are water-soluble when wet, and permanent when dry. Liquid Colour Acrylic Paints are perfect for traditional painting techniques and a variety of popular mixed-media techniques such as stamping, gelli-printing, creating drips, and splatters, and much more. For even more inspiring results use it in combination with Art Alchemy Liquid Color Fluid Medium which will add more transparency and to your colors. Fluid consistency of Liquid Colour Acrylic Paints makes them an ideal medium for collage, art journaling, and mixed-media painting - they can be applied with brushes and work well with fine tip bottles or, if diluted with water, they can be sprayed and will dry with permanent finish.

You can see them on one of my lates projects - Art Daily Journal Cover - the effect of the paints combined with my new Tissue Papers is simply stunning!

Speaking about Tissue Papers...
If collage and creating backgrounds is your cup of tea, these large, great quality vintage inspired sheets of Tissue Paper are something for you! Ultra thin and vibrant are easy to apply and transform your projects in a blink! 5 different designs, 6 sheets in each package  - great not only for your art journalling, canvases or books but large home decor as well!

Here you can see them used on this beautiful, earthy album by Dorota, together with matching jumbo-sized tapes: 

And finally you can see them in the background of my latest collage, I've made for Art Daily Cafe - it was pure pleasure to use them in this project, what a great add on they are!

What do you think? Are you ready for MORE?
Great! there is one more reveal waiting for you - stay tuned and enjoy the ride!


Wilma said...

Wow wow many beautiful products! Looking forward to see the rest.

Pooja Sharma said...

Omg what a awesome release and stunning and incredible inspiration projects you and your team created really fantastic products,I just going crazy to see all new realise, waxes,moulds, tissue paper,new acrylic liquid paints and these new metal frames break taking, congratulations Anna I must say these are dying for products

Tiitonyy said...

This year there is a lot of product revelation for our greatest pleasure and less for the banker who will surely be happy !! Lol you really did a great job. All the products are as interesting as the others. ­čśŹ

Jenn White said...

So excited! Loving it all! That celestial tissue paper GIRL! I cannot wait to collage & decoupage with all of it! I am so happy & all smiles squealing excited!!! YAY! I have so many ideas for the new metal frame decor pieces. All of my daughters & my mom are excited too! I wish all of your products could magically appear at my house right now! HUGS YOU ARE LOVED! *☆♡☆*

Lisa Hoel said...

gorgeous stuff all around!

ingrid said...

I dreamed of it and Finnabair made it !

flyingdutchbird said...

Oh, some more fabulous projects! Everything looks amazing... Well done Anna and all your fabulous design team! Loving all the inspiration :)

Ann Marie Governale said...

Wow, beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration!

Geowyn said...

I love the teapot and just ordered one but what I cannot figure out is the how you made the little cubbie holes inside. Please share your secret.

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