Monday, 30 November 2015

Farewell To Fall

Hello, Friends!
Today is the last day of November and before we start creating for Christmas let us still stop for a moment and find some inspiration in the season that is ending.
Irina's presenting the most charming project ever! And I think it would work brilliantly for all four seasons of the year - just imagine such a small collection and feel inspired to make your own!

Hello! Irina Honcharyk here.
Today is the last day of autumn and my project is dedicated to it. This season I collected all kinds of nature's treasures: tree leaves, chestnuts, acorns and more. I wanted to keep a piece of autumn with me especially for the time when the calendar shows that winter 's here...

I decided to conserve my autumn in a jar. It is quite small, only 100 grams but it's filled with my favorite autumn memories.

Would you like to see how I did it? :)
First, I prepared the necessary materials. First of all, a variety of natural materials: twigs, tree leaves, chestnuts, acorns - anything you can find during a walk in a forest.
I also decided to use different kinds of media to embellish my treasures.

I mixed various colors of Mica Flakes and glued them to the bottom of my jar using 3D Gloss Gel. Then, I added some Micro Beads in 3 colors - brown, orange and some green.

I cut out the mushrooms from the tags of the 7Dots Studio Nature Walk collection and pasted them to the wall of the jar.

Now was the time to create my composition. With 3D Gloss Gel I glued in parts of a chestnut. Then I added acorns and glued their little hats on them, little alder bumps and some small branches.

I sprinkled my composition with Art Sugar and added a little bit of other Ingredients: some Mica Flakes and Micro Beads.

While everything was drying, I decorated the cap. I used Pendant Caps; the largest one fit prefectly. I created a composition on the top again using Gloss Gel to glue all the elements.

I added a bit of color using alcohol inks. I like to use these inks, they give such intensive color.

The Mechanicals Cap has a hole in it and I inserted there a sprig with acorns from the oak. It's cute, right? :)

I decorated the outside of the jar with sisal fibre and some alcohol ink.

Here is the inside of my jar with autumn inside:

I think autumn is very inspiring and now my autumn inspiration will always be with me!
Thank you for looking!

Materials used:


Athanasia said...

So beautiful project, I love it!

Kathy Bradley said...

Oh, wow, your project is totally wonderful and beautiful. I love all of Nature's elements you brought together with Finn's materials. Love, love - amazing and unique!

mamablitger said...

Irina these are so cute. I love the various autumn elements you saved in the jars.
Thank you for sharing the idea.
Hugs from Monica... Spain

Lisa H said...

these are beautiful! thank you for sharing your process with us.

Rulya said...

thank you? very much, ladies!

Golden Goddess Designs said...

this is absolutely fabulous! I have a thing for mushrooms! great job, you have inspired me!


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