Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Faithful To Vintage

Hi there, my Friends!
I don't know if I ever shared this little 'behind the scenes' secret concerning one of my art babies... ;)
Well, you see, when you browse through my Ephemera packs ('Melange' & 'Vintage Collectibles'), think that many of the people you see there, are actual relatives of mine.
Fun fact? ;)

Today I'd like to introduce you to my husband's grandmother and great-aunt who inspired these vintage art journal pages:

You should know me by now and know how much I love adding a vintage feel to my pages and layouts - all using quite simple methods and based on a limited color palette.

I think elements of fiber art also add to the general mood and create unique textures and depths...
I can never resist bits of lace, tangled threads and all kinds of fabric frills.

Also - there's nothing better than tea or coffee to create these vintage-looking stains.

That's me - faithful to vintage for many years now and never getting bored with it! ;)

Sending you lots of hugs
Happy creating!


Sanderijn de Bruin said...

Lovely pages...I really think I have to go 'back' to that part of my art (from years ago) some day. When I see your pages, makes me want to make them too!

Kathy Bradley said...

Your journal pages are always gorgeous - and didn't know that some of the ephemera photos were relatives - very cool fact! I love your colors and textures used!

Helen said...

Pure beauty! Gorgeous pages.

BEARKIS said...

Много харесвам този стил и Вашите творения!Поздрави!

Purvi Gadewar said...

Fabulous pages!

Sanda Reynolds said...

Such wonderful pages Anna, they are small painted poems! Love them and thanks for sharing little secrets with us! Hugs,Sanda xoxo

Agnieszka Anna said...

och zapomniałam już jak fajne mogą być takie chlapania! czuję się naprawdę zainspirowana :-)

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