Friday, 1 May 2015

Be Brave. Be Bold.

Hello, lovely Friends!
How are you spending the first day of May?
In case you needed some encouragement and some words to chase away your creative doubts - who comes to the rescue?
Marta and her alter ego... :)
So put your fears away and feel inspired!

Hello everyone!
It's Marta here. I am so happy to be back to you.

I am back with a message: 'Be brave, be bold' in your art !
How many times have you stopped yourself while creating?
How many times did you think: 'No, it's not great.' Oh 'they' won't like it...
Do you often compare yourself to other artists?
How often do you doubt your art?

Well, my friends... all above should not matter.
We should be brave, bold and have no regrets while making our art.
Today's canvas had at least 3 different looks in my head.
I was thinking: No, this is too simple, this is not unique and this is too strange...
Which option have I chosen?
Yes, the strange one in my mind. ;)

Why strange?
I felt that this doll is not a perfect match... A bare doll with blue hair, scary looking actually.
But should it be perfect? Of course NOT !
When I painted my doll with gesso and accidently covered her with some leftover canvas I knew this was it. I loved it!

Step by step the project was coming together and I felt that this small dolly is me. :)
Funky, fearless and happy the way she is !

I hope you will enjoy my process video.
Be brave, be bold and find your inner artist !
Happy crafting :)

Sending you lots creative hugs,

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Anita's blog said...

This is awesome!

Linda M. Cain said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!!!

Corrie Herriman said...

Wow, wow, wow !
Corrie x

Maryann said...

I love this !!! And I needed the be brave message especially today. Thank you so much.

Melissa Larson said...


Anonymous said...

Marta, I love your canvas. You always create something unexpected.

nanou navarro said...

waoooh! love it! thanks for video!

L Cordova said...

Wow! I love this! I think this is my favorite creation of yours. It's amazing how easy you make it look, so inspirational.

Hettie said...

I LOVE this. Well done. Loved watching the video too. Thanks for sharing.
Hettie xx

Nan G said...

So cool !

Anguree Jansen Van Rensburg said...

Oh wow!!! This is stunning Martha. I just love your work.

Carole Dion said...

Gorgeous as alwyas!!

Kathy Bradley said...

Marta - fantastic - I love, love this piece! I especially love the doll!

Gigi Black said...

That is so perfect and I loved watching you create it. You are a wonderful artist.

Caty said...

That ´s so beautiful!!! love it all !. big hugs.

LucianaW said...

Amazing project! Congrats!!

Joi at RR said...

Oh Marta - this is just so wonderful... and such an inspiration to me - and to a LOT of folks, I bet. YES YES YES - always thinking all the things you listed... not right, not good, looks silly, they won't like, stop trying... guess it's just part of an artists life. I LOVE your doll art. The messages you have attached to her frame are wonderful but.... even if I had never read those messages - I can think of lots of meanings for her. I feel like she looks - wading through an artistic world walking blind and alone - not knowing what is accepted or expected. What is etiquette. What to say - where to go - who to ask. Clothed in the rags of indecision and unworthiness - wondering if anyone out there can see the inner artist in me thru my projects. I am here - like her - within my walls trying to walk forward for the love of art... without fear. REALLY REALLY REALLY wonderful MARTA. I love this. And in looking at your blue haired doll... I feel HOPE because YOU made it and I consider you a great artist. Your creativity is amazing. I'm going to print a picture of this little gal and put her in my studio... as a reminder to be brave, be bold and believe in the artist inside me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much. j.

Carol McCready said...

Just love it.

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