Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Antique Sea Queen headpiece by Kesho Kage


My favourite thing about Fall is that it is the season that merges the spooky and beautiful and everyone is more accepting and appreciative of that art form! It’s definitely my favourite season and in my industry of Makeup art, my creativity is on display! When creating a uniform persona whether it's out of complete body paint, glam, sfx, editorial, or avant-garde make-up, a beautifully decorated headpiece can bring the look together all while giving it a divinity essence. For my Antique Sea Queen I created this headpiece embellished with pieces created and painted using Finnabair Products.

I created the base and shape of my headpiece with Galvanized wire, chicken wire, masking tape, and scrapbooking paper. After choosing my mould design from Finnabair’s extensive selection I created several pieces and then painted them using their heavy gesso, impasto, waxes and Patina effect paste. Once I added pieces of Jewelry to really sell the picture of royalty I was ecstatic with the outcome. Whether you’re creating a headpiece for the 1st or the 100th time, using  Finnabair,s moulds gives you a lightweight option to add beautiful details all while their paints give you the illusion of material and depth to truly stand out!

To see how this particular headpiece was created view It on our Youtube Channel and subscribe to see more and the variety of ways these products open up the creative world!

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