Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Dead man's chest book by Kasyopeaart

Hi, Today I have another inspiration for you. This time I was inspired by the film "Pirates of the Caribbean". I created a drawer book with a leather effect and a steampunk heart hidden inside. 

I started with the White Heavy Gesso. I painted the entire cover with it. After drying, I applied 3D Matte Gel with a spatula, and then with the help of a sponge, I created a texture imitating the leather spine of the book.

After drying the back of the book, I repainted it with White Heavy Gesso, and prepared Liquid Acrylic paints. 

The first step was to apply Ocher and True Yellow paint. After completely drying, I took two more colours and mixed Burnt Sienna and Carmine, and this time I could not completely dry these colours, because I pulled off the excess colour with a paper towel to show the colour I gave first, i.e. shades of yellow. To darken and age the edges I applied Ink Black. 

I painted the previously prepared castings from Finnabair moulds with Black Heavy Gesso. I painted the middle of the drawer also with black gesso. 

I covered the cast of the heart with gilding glue, and after drying I glued copper-coloured Metallic Fakes to it.

From the prepared casts I arranged the compositions and glued them with Heavy Body Gel in the middle of the drawer, I added Mechanical elements, and finally, I used matte waxes to create a patina effect. 

The last stage was to glue the frames on top of the book, I painted the frames with Brass paste, but I did it with an almost dry brush so as not to completely cover the castings with colour. And I also added matte waxes to create a patina effect. At the very end, I used Clear Antiquing Wax, which matted the entire cover because Liquid Acrylic paints are glossy when dried. 

Book-Drawer as the one stolen from a pirate ship. I hope you like it. 

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