Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Altered Ceramic Bird Cage by Iveta Ziedina

Hello all,

today I have this cool altered ceramic bird cage I wanted to share with you!

I got the idea for this project when I spotted this pretty thing in my local craft shop and I just couldn’t pass it. I had to take it home.

This project doesn’t really have much of a story behind it other than that I think it turned out pretty and I really enjoyed making it!

My favourite part has to be the way the background turned out with all the different liquid acrylics and of course my favourite Unicorn’s Hair Sparks on the frame of the cage!

Sometimes it’s just that, we make pretty things just to make them pretty!

I hope this project will inspire you to create something just because you can!

Lots of love,

Iveta xxx

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

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