Friday, 22 January 2021

Shabby Metal Bird House by Iveta Ziedina

Well hello there!

it’s me once again, coming to inspire you to create some art!

Today I have this Shabby Metal Bird House to share with you. There was a bit of going backwards and forwards with it but we got there in the end!

First I started with a very blurry idea of what I would like the finished piece to look like, then I started taking steps to get to that result.

I started by painting on some stripes using Impasto Paints. I knew I had to get those done first because it is much more difficult to paint them on once the moulds and other 3D elements are on.

I used a lot of floral moulds on this piece because I wanted to give it a more romantic, fairy house kind of look. If you watch the video tutorial for this you’ll notice that I did not apply all of the moulds at once, and the reason for that is that the idea to put on more flowers on to the house itself came a little bit late! :)

Once I was done applying all the colour to the house, it looked a little bit mismatched so I used more of the brown Impasto and White Gesso to tone it down and bring it all together.

And of course, the last finishing touch - Pixie Effect Paste from the last release, I just couldn’t pass on an opportunity to add a little bit of magic!

I hope you will enjoy this project and tutorial!

Lots of love,

Iveta xx

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

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