Monday, 3 August 2020

The vintage beach hut by Kasia Bogatko

I had planned to make such a beach hut for some time . I live by the sea and that kind of projects are close to my heart. Since summer in Poland this year does not spoil us, I decided to make summer in my studio.

As a base, I used a ready-made cardboard house. However, it is such a simple shape that you will surely be able to cut it yourself. It is important to paint everything before gluing, it is then much easier. I chose my favorite Impasto paints. They are adequately dense and saturated, and also resistant to water, thanks to which protect the cardboard against other media. Our final project will certainly be more durable.

As you will see in the video, I use not only a brush for paints, but also a sponge. If we apply the paint in this way, we don’t have the brush strokes and get a delicate, "sandy" structure. Impasto paints are so thick that they are great for creating such an effect.

My hut does not have many decorations, I wanted a rough climate. I added a few resin stars and mega art stones that perfectly imitate beach stones. I covered all the glued elements with Impasto paint, instead of gesso, it perfectly replaces it. 

Finally, I added depth and shade with Liquid Acrylic paint and my project is ready. It will be a great decoration for my studio.

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Mrs A. said...

I have just watched your brilliant video. What a fabulous beach hut you have made. Hugs Mrs A.

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