Monday, 6 November 2017

Patina Memories

Hello Friends!
Get ready for some beautiful art journal inspiration! Marta's artworks are always so elegant and subtle, I'm sure you will absoutely love her new creation... It also comes with a video tutorial so please feel most welcome to follow Marta's steps and create your own magical pages!

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Hello friends!
Today I prepared for you a new art journal spread with a touch of patina.
I will try to show you and explain how you can use Patina Effect Paste Set products in three versatile ways.
First of all, I used washi tape and fabric plaster as the composition elements in the background. All these elements were covered with White Gesso, just to make sure that the color will accent places which I wanted to be the most visible.

I used Impasto Azure paint to add a bit of color in the background. It was mixed with water to create a delicate, transparent layer. When I wanted to add more color, I applied it twice and dried it with a heating tool.
And now it's the high time to use Patina Pastes for the first time as.... the texture paste.
It has a lovely matte finish and sand-like texture, that's why it's perfect to apply through a stencil to create a lovely, interesting texture. Here I reached for the 'Checker' one.
Second way to use Patina Paste Set was... stamping with it!
One of the pastes has a lovely blue shade, it's perfect as a paint, all you need to do is to mix it with water! You can use it on your favorite acrylic or rubber stamps, just remember to wash the stamp right away, 'cause it dries really fast!
The third way to use my pastes was just to use them as Patina Pastes.
I applied pastes with a dry brush around and on the most important elements.
Lovely blue Splash Micro Beads were perfect to accent the colors of this art journal spread.
Melange Art Pebbles covered with Mermaid Sparkle Sparks paint on the back are interesting, shiny elements on my pages too.

The 'Checkered' resist canvas is just a perfect match with the square pattern of my stencil.

Beautiful Vintage Gold Art Alchemy Wax was a great as the final touch to my project, I love to accent layers and elements with it.

Please enjoy the video I made for you and I hope you'll feel inspired to play with patinas too!

There is nothing like experimenting and having creative fun when when the autumn season is here and it's dark and rainy outside.

Did you create something beautiful today...?

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