Friday, 17 November 2017

Creative Spirits

Hi there Lovely Readers!
It's high time for the new beautiful members of my Creative Team to present their first projects this term. Today let's warmly welcome super talented Olya (don't miss our short introductory interview!) an let's fall in love with her art magic! Enter a very special mixed media artist's garden...

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Hi creative Finnabair Fans!
Today it's time for my first inspiration for you and I must say it's a very exciting moment for me!
I really like Finnabair's products and first I wanted to show them all. But this is impossible because there are so many of them and they are all just great!
So I gave up on this thought and just started drawing and sketching a different plan. In the end, I created a canvas about creative spirits.
I believe each creator has a different spirit and it is always a beautiful one. I gathered my spirits in this magical garden and space and of course had to add the wings of inspiration!
I used a canvas for the base of my project. First, I wanted to create beautiful texture for the background and to do so, I used several stunning products -  one of them is Black Sand Texture Paste which is ideal for this.

To make my background even more interesting and varied, I added Art Stones in different sizes.
Then I covered everything with Black Gesso. I really like how Art Alchemy acrylic paints and Waxes show their colors on Black Gesso. This is real magic! Then I also used it to cover all the metal elements and moulds shapes.
When everything was well dried, I began to create space on the background with the help of acrylic paints. I used the Metallique paints and also added a little radiance with Green Mica Powder. This created a stunning effect on my black background.
When that was ready, I created a composition of my garden with different kinds of embellishments.
On wings of inspiration I used Mechanicals Wings as leaves, added some black paper flowers from Prima and different metal elements.
And again, I used acrylic paints to add color and this time I chose the super brilliant colors of the Sparks series. I am always delighted with their radiance!

Too add even more interest and makes things more dynamic, I reached for my favorite Art Stones! To adhere the stones to the composition, I use 3D Matte Gel and this time I didn't paint over them, leaving their original color as is.
Both the stones and the gel are among my favorite products! When the gel medium dries, it becomes really transparent and creates an invisible volume!

Finally, to emphasize the texture, I used another favorite of mine - Art Alchemy Waxes in Vintage Gold and White Gold.

I like to add a little bit of sparkle to my projects and I love to do that with Glass Glitters which are amazing little pieces of magic! If you prefer smaller particles, simply use glitter from Finnabair's range of beautiful Glitter Sets (here I reached for the 'Luminous' one).

The final touch in my garden are the small and almost invisible accents - Melange Art Pebbles. These transparent circles are just perfect and I love them a lot!
I'd like to leave you with my video in which you'll be able to see all the wonderful products in use and follow my creative process. Enjoy!

Well, I hope you liked my video and I was able to inspire you to want to touch the magic of colors and textures!

Create from your heart and always let the inspiration give you wings!
Dream and paint your dreams...

I wish you a pleasant and creative day and I'm sending you many many kisses. :)

With love, Olya

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