Friday, 24 November 2017

Painting Gives Freedom

Hello all!
Let me introduce another wonderful new Artist in my Creative Team - Kelly Mumford who's here to show you the beautiful possibilities of my paint systems and oh my, get ready for tons of painterly inspirations and some really beautiful ennergy!
Go back to our little interview with Kelly and enjoy today's artwork - we hope you'll feel tempted to grab your brushes right away! :)

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My first Creative Team project was a fun little piece to create with the emphasis on Finnabair’s amazing acrylic paint colors.
I love using the Art Alchemy Metallique acrylic paints! They are so fluid, shiny, and blend well together. Try blending different colors together to see what new and vibrant colors you can make. It’s so fun and therapeutic to swirl paint on a canvas.

The Impasto paints are dense and rich in pigment. I used them straight out of tube, for heavy texture and also mixed some with water for the outlining and smaller details.
I used the "Don't Forget to Fly" stamp kit, the inspiration for the art came from the text on the stamps. It made me think of how colorful the world is when you are free and open to experiencing new things in your life.
Butterflies symbolize change, hope and new life for me. I love them. The stamps are darling and the type stamp with them is perfect.
I started by using Heavy White Gesso to prime my 12 inch round canvas.
I then chose 4 colors of acrylic paints that I thought would create a sunset type effect, blending paints in a swirling motion with Finnabair square brush.
After the canvas was dry, I used the butterfly stamps and quotes with permanent ink pad. I dried it all with a heat tool.
I then painted the butterflies in with a mix of Impasto paints to create a beautiful light blue.

I also outlined the butterflies and other details with black Impasto paint mixed with a bit of water.
I also painted a “rainbow” of colors with both types of paint under the butterflies to add a big pop of color and movement.
I applied white paint around edges of canvas to create highlights and once dried went over it lightly with the Magical Pond Sparks paint to create a stained glass effect.

Next step was to apply Soft Gel on the butterfly wings and in dots on canvas. I then sprinkled with blue Glitter.
Last step was to apply 3D Gloss Gel on butterfly wings to make them really stand out.

Artist tip 1.  I think whatever colors symbolize a powerful change for you, choose that palette and go for it! Close your eyes, think about “ flying free” what  COLORS do you see?
I chose a bunch of colors that are in a sunset for my background. I had the image of a new day ahead in my mind. I also would advise to not be afraid of using a lot of color. I used many colors in this piece to create a bright and cheerful painting.

Artist tip 2. Don’t be afraid that you will make a “mistake.” You can always let it dry and paint over it, or take a baby wipe or damp paper towel and wipe it off! Paint is very forgiving, and sometimes, an “accident” is where you find your best work! You will discover that playing with paint is how you’ll find your own magical style.

This was a fun and uplifting piece to create. I think anyone will have fun with these stamps and paints.

Happy painting!

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