Monday, 20 November 2017

Altered Cookies Tray

Hello Everyone!
It's time to say hi to another new member of my Creative Team (don't miss Olya's last week's debut on my blog!) and today I'm totally thrilled to introduce Bipasha and her brilliant creative imagination!
In this interview you can read a little bit more about Bipasha and bookmark all the links to follow her on social media.
And now, get ready to be wowed with this stunning new mixed media artwork of hers! (Btw, does anyone remember the tin that John altered last year? I suppose great minds think alike! ;) ).

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Hello there!
I'm so excited to share my very first project with the Finnabair Creative Team!
I had been saving this hard plastic cookie tray until one fine morning, my creative mind vent out some creative juices to give it a rustic transformation.
If you're curious, here's what it looked like 'before'! :)
Lately, I found myself in a strong addiction of assemblage art and rusted found objects.
I have a habit of collecting all weird findings from various sites that are potentially loaded with meaning, or at least my creative mind feels so — from empty lots and construction sites to the side of the road!
Well, when I speak of meaning, I try to envisage a story out of each of these forms that relate to our soul and us as a person.
I love putting a lot of details in my creations usually. I feel that details are not just details, they make the design!
I had a clear picture of this old rusted black metal tin inspiration ready in my head and Finnabair's products (Heavy Black and White Gesso, Impasto paints in Cobalt and Chocolate, Rust Pastes) made the transformation of the base super easy.
Next, I glued some of Finnabair's Ephemera, Art Stones and Mechanicals along with my found objects using the Heavy Gel Medium to create my story.
Here is a process video to give you some creative inspiration. Hope you enjoy it!

With the start of a new morning and as the day unfolds, we encounter a series of events in our life; mostly monotonous with a few countable surprises.
Though a lot of us try to break away from our everyday jobs when we finally relax at home and start creating art, it’s important to remember that what we do as a career is just as much a part of us as anything else.
So, using tools from your everyday life, whether it be bubble wrap, packagings, paper clip patterns or whatever crazy objects that draw your attention, get inspired with this altered cookie packaging tray that reflects everything you do in a single day in an interesting way.

Keep creating!
Warm hugs,

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Sathya said...

Thanks for sharing the process, Bipasha. Love the artsy touch of transformation and your creative process dear !!

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