Wednesday, 15 November 2017

2018 Classes and Updates!

Hi, my dear ones!
How was your week? Mine was quite busy again - I was travelling to Athens, Greece to teach my classes there - first time ever! I always love to go to the new places, meet new people, make friends... but I love coming back and seeing familiar faces again too! As I said before - I'm blessed with the job which is also my passion. Almost unreal!
Talking about the best job ever... would you like to know some of my plans for 2018 already? I'm here to help you out!
Some of the places I'm going to visit are confirmed already - some are open for bookings too!

3-4 February 2018 - Classes in Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland - details soon!

10-11 February 2018 - Classes in Bournemouth, UK - bookings:
24-25 February 2018 - Classes for Gargamellscrap, Madrid, Spain - bookings:

2-11 March 2018 - Art Venture SA - Cape Town and Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa - booking here!
23-25 March 2018 - Classes for Scrapushka, ST. Petersburg, Russia - info here!

7-8 April 2018 - Art Workshops event, Coventry, UK

1-3 May 2018 - Donna Downey Studios, Huntersville, NC, USA
5-6 May 2018 - Cafe Crop, Merrillville, IN, USA
24-26 May 2018 - Classes in Israel

2-3 June 2018 - Classes at AFTH, Harrogate, UK

July-August 2018 - classes in the USA/Canada

8-9 September 2018 - Classes at the Skaparlusten, Sjobo, Sweden
21-23 September 2018 - Classes at De Scrapheap, The Netherlands
29-30 September - Classes in Valencia, Spain

12-15 October 2018 - Classes in Colombia
27-28 October 2018 - Classes at The Mad Scrapper, Edinburgh, Scotland

November 2018 - classes in Australia and NZ

Doesn't it sound exciting? I can't wait to see you all and spread some mixed-media love!

For those of you who are not able to take my in-person classes, I have a choice of my 2 online classes, which I've launched with Everything Art this year. Check them out - they are a great way of learning at your own pace, in the comfort of your home and my students are saying they are close to the classroom experience! Click on the banners to see the details.


There is one more important news. Some of you may notice the announcement I've posted about my absence during Prima Art Venture 2018 in Phoenix, and Creativation 2018. It is a very sad moment for me but I have to take care of my health in the coming weeks and I won't be able to travel that far during that time. Here is the full text you could find on Facebook:

Dear Friends, as you all know some things in life come unexpectedly.
No matter how hard we try to predict, prevent and plan - there are some factors and happenings which are out of our control. One of these situations have just happened to me and sadly - it is affecting my travelling and teaching plans for the beginning of 2018.
Earlier this year we've found out there are some quite urgent health issues I have to deal with, and as I learned just recently, my surgery which I expected to happen later in 2018, is being moved to early December 2017. My recovery will take a few weeks and it is in a collision with my presence during Prima Art Venture and Creativation in Phoenix, in January 2018.
I'm writing all that with the deepest regret and sadness - I value personal contact with you all more than anything. I'd love to see you in the classroom and during my demos - there are so many exciting things to tell you about - but this won't be possible this time. I know Prima with their Educators and my Brand Ambassadors will do their best to present my new, beautiful products to you all. I will be doing my best to connect with you all too - through Facebook, Blog, and Instagram and together with my Creative Team we will be spreading the love for art and mixed-media, providing tutorials, demos and inspirations.
I hope for your understanding and best wishes for my speedy recovery so I will be able to join you soon. I'm very sorry to bring this news to you. my apologies for this situation.

I'm very proud to confirm that my Brand Ambassador, Riikka is going to take over my responsibilities during the shows. This crazy talented, sweet and friendly lady agreed to travel so far, teach and demo my products to the attendants of Creativation 2018.  I could not even dream I will be so lucky - I'm so grateful for her help! You can learn more about the event here!

Sending you all the best possible wishes and hugs


Unknown said...

Best wishes on your surgery and quick recovery, Anna! I enjoyed your class in Winnipeg last year. Karen

Amira said...

Do you have dates for NZ and Australia in Nov? Exciting!

Amira said...

Do you have dates for NZ and Australia in Nov? Exciting!

Maris said...

Where and when are you coming to Australia cannt wait do you have venues yet? How do I find out?

mommyx2 said...

Anna - I am sorry to hear of your medical issues but wishing you a successful surgery and speedy recovery. Having had the great pleasure to meet you on several occasions I am sure that message is filled from the heart.

Farrel Tailor said...

I'm sorry to hear that you have been unwell... I wish you all the best with your surgery and a speedy recovery.
Can't wait for you to come to Australia xoxox

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