Wednesday, 5 July 2017

True Art Celebration - in India!

Hi again my dear friends!
Wow, what a week (or two!) I had! Exotic travels, beautiful, friendly, open-hearted people and a lot of ART, real feast for the soul! I had a great time and of course I've got something to show you, hoping to inspire you a bit!

So here is a closer look at one of the projects which you can make yourself in the classroom - if you take my new Art Celebration mixed-media collage class. :)
You can book this class (and many more!) checking my teaching schedule - I hope one of the cities is somewhere near you and I will see you in my classroom soon!

Art Celebration is all about textures, shiny metallic finishes and a lot, a lot of detail.
I have to admit this color combo was heavily inspired by all the beautiful colors of the place I was teaching it in - India...
Can you see all the amazing texture details and this beautiful contrast between matte Impasto Paints and the shiny, metallic finish of the Metallique Waxes? It simply makes my heart sing...
And just look at this absolutely stunning, semi-transparent texture created with Art Basics 3D Gloss Gel and painted to show the detail... makes me swoon!
It was the first time I was teaching this project - so as always I was a bit worried about the timing, results, the smoothness of the whole process, but my lovely talented students really made it easy for me - it all went great! I can't wait to teach it again during my Summer Tour in USA. :)
This project had its grand premiere in India, during the first ever big craft event in New Delhi - Crafty Feast. I was honored to be invited by Crafters Corner India to teach my 4 classes during this absolutely mind-blowing weekend, and oh my, what a great time it was!
A huge classroom filled with talented, enthusiastic people, great organisation and wonderful atmosphere - it was all there! I had all I needed and more, delivered on a silver plate - I really felt spoiled for these couple of days! 
The classes went very smoothly - I really had the sweetest, most welcoming and cooperative students I could dream of and the whole organisation team was doing everything to help us just create and enjoy. Just look at these proud, happy faces and beautiful projects! 
We had a ball until... the 3rd Day came! Shalini, the creator of this event, really outdid herself and provided the most amazing Celebration for all of the students - with guests, challenges, surprises and giveaways for all participants. What a day!
There was food, class certificates and finally the big launch of the products from signature Dress My Craft line by Crafters Corner. And in the very end there was even time for dancing... you can't possibly complain about the event like this! 
This is me with beautiful Shalini - she really mastered every detail of these 3 days - including a surprise for me and students - a stunning sari for me to wear during the Celebration Day. What a beautiful gift, I could feel like an actress for a day, loved every minute! 
You can see me posing  - being as professional as I could! 
The cherry on top of my trip to India was visiting the one and only Taj Mahal... do I need to comment on this? Another dream to tick off from the bucket list!

I had the BEST time - and again, huge thanks to Shalini, her family and the whole Crafters Corner Team for the hospitality, great experience and the top organisation skills!

This was truly an unforgettable time, a real definition of Art Celebration - I feel really blessed my new class had the official launch during such a splendid event. Lucky me!

If you would like to take this class - please check the schedule of my classes for the next months - maybe I will be somewhere near you?
If not, you might want to try my online collage class called 'Imagine' - I'd love to see you there too!

Sending warmest hugs


Pooja Sharma said...

Hi Anna so happy to know about ur experience in India,I missed to attend ur classes,but enjoyed ur appearance thow pics n video,ur my favorite mix media artist love ur all projects ur inspirational for me like many other's 😊

Helen said...

Oh, you lucky thing - and lucky them too - what a fabulous looking classful of ladies creating such gorgeous projects.

corinne de france MARCH said...

ce maquillage vous va très bien ! vos yeux sont magnifiques
incroyable tout les pays que vous ou vous allez enseigner ! ça me fait tourner la tête ... ;-)

Lili Sulastri said...

You look beautiful in your saree. Can tell how happy the students are at having you in their class.

Ola Khomenok said...

So beautiful creation! And amazing photos from India! You're look so happy there :)

mit Liebe said...

I can see the love and Inspiration...Im so happy with you. Best wishes Mirka from Berlin Germany

19goel said...

Hi i was in your class was fun learning with a talented and stunning teacher like you..too many techniques we learned..thanks for being here
Babita goel

Anita Kejriwal said...

Hi Anna ,, we loved having you with us . I cannot even imagine that I made those projects with you . You will remain in our hearts forever . You are a wonderful person and not to mention your flawless way of teaching .

zandra said...

So happy for you! Looks like a treasure memory and you look so happy <3

MarielaPapeletas said...

A dream the description of the event... its was a amazing idea Shalini!! Congratulation womens for all these wonderfull job!!

Elaina said...

It certainly looks as though your India trip was a huge success and you look beautiful in that Sari.

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