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Art Alchemy Paints Review

Hi there Friends!
Today you're in for a real treat from my Creative Team and more specifically - from talented Kassa who did a superb job writing her reviews of all of my Art Alchemy Acrylic Paints - especially for you! :)

I'm very proud every time I hear from you the feedback about my paints, and more importantly - I'm completely thrilled to be seeing all the stunning Art you've been making using these paints...
If you're curious and would like to see what Finnabair Friends are up to around the world - join our Open Studio facebook group - it's such a great place to connect and look for inspirations!

For those of you who are not familiar with my Art Alchemy range - here comes Kassa! ;)
Enjoy! And pssst - don't miss this very special giveaway that Kassa's generously offering on her blog (there will be 4 winners!)

*   *   *   *
Hi lovelies, today I bring you something a little different - a review on the Art Alchemy paint systems. I thought I'd share how I find the various paint systems to work with; how they intermingle with one another in the same project and of course I will share my four pieces of artwork with you that I created in various different styles to showcase the versatility of Art Alchemy Paints.

Also, I'd just like to let you know I am self taught, I don't know any of the manufacturing jargon, what I tell you comes from my heart, from my joy of experimenting and hours of patience and stretching boundaries - I will tell you as I find it, from the tip of my paintbrush as it hits the paper... :)
Hmm... 4 different paint systems I hear you say, the operative word being DIFFERENT... so that is why there are 4 different systems and with all of them being from the Art Alchemy range they all work perfectly and seamlessly together giving different end results with each bringing out the best in one another.

The new Impasto Paints are one of the thickest, creamiest, smoothest acrylic paints I have ever used.
I was truly excited upon squeezing the paint from the tube, not only because the opaque colours are uber pigmented, but because you can lay the paint on your surface very thickly and leave paintbrush and paint knife strokes that are visible when dry, providing beautiful but easily achieved texture, the paint is visibly popping off your page.
Plus, as you lay the colours down on your page you can mix, blend and merge the paints into one another.
I love that you can pull the Impasto Paint through a stencil because it is so thick but if you water them down you can create a watercolour effect!
Unlike the other Art Alchemy paints the Impasto paints dry with a matte finish (not chalky) and still very bright...
With 15 colours to choose from I am always spoilt for choice! My color crush at the moment is Jade, closely followed by Green Apple and Lemon Peel - I love the vibrancy and illumination these colours add to my work.
And not only 2 pinks but, 2 blues too! How spoilt are we... ;)
Do you have your favourite Impasto? Leave a comment, we'd love to know!


Metallique Paints are runnier and thus come in pots, again uber pigmented, they dry to a super shiny finish and, for the impatient ones of us, these paints dry fast.
Because of the shiny finish the light just bounces off these paints; your page somehow feels less flat, more alive and brighter!
I love to create 3D gems with them on a finished piece of work by simply dipping the other end of a thin paintbrush in the pot and carefully dabbing on my work and thus creating 3D dots.
If you work on watercolour paper add a little spritz of water to the paints (similar colour paints not opposites) and before they dry, the colours mix and merge into one another creating the most stunning, easy backgrounds.
I always feel these paints add an opulent feel to my work, simply because of the shine and vibrancy; nothing is ever flat and dull when you have Metallique's in your artwork!


Opal Magic paints are also more runny and also come in pots, they are permanent when dry.
They all look like pearly pastels, but look carefully as the colour hues do vary and... get ready for a surprise
- depending whether you paint with them on a light or a dark background you get different results!
Depending on the angle, the light hits these paints in a different way and the iridescent shimmer is amazing.
The darker the background you paint them on, the more the colour pops out.
This amazing effect is due to their special duo-chrome qualities.
You really have to test them yourselves and fall in love with this magic! 

Creamy Sparks come in pots too, and these pots pack a powerful punch - I just love the glitter in these paints... it adds such a magical feel to your artwork!
All the colours are gentle and soft, even Raven Black is delicate.
That extra shimmer and shine make your works stand out from the rest without using very much either.
Making 3D dots look amazing with these paints and my favorite technique is to colourwash a finished background:
simply apply a spritz of water to the background, paint with Sparks very quickly, spritz again then lightly dab off the excess with kitchen roll. Spritz again if you want a more transparent twinkle wash.
Plus if you apply a thick layer of the rich golden Dragon's Eye randomly around the edges of your work, it has a beautiful feel of vintage gold leaf.

*   *   *   *
Now all of these paints I can, and do, use together on one piece of work, or sometimes just a couple of them, it depends on where the piece of work takes me.
I usually start off with the matte Impasto Paints, it's the 'less is more' approach - less shine and shimmer at the start, just concentrate on the colour merges.
Then I stand back and look for where I need more shine and lift so that's when I would add a layer of Metalliques here and there.
As the page starts to take on a new life with the shine, I will go back in and out with the Impastos and Metalliques to get the colour-shine balance to harmonise.
All of this is usually very easy as the whole Art Alchemy colour range sits beautifully together.
The Opal Magic paints come out for special dramatic effects.
I love randomly painting the edges of Finnabair's Ephemera people, they stand right off a page with the iridescent glow!
And nothing beats Sparks for that magical glitter touch for a final layer of something extra special!
Finnabair's paints when watered down make for fabulous splatters to finish off your art, the splatters still stay dense, rich and bright in colour even after a little watering down! 
Plus another tip before I leave you: if you pop a little of the Texture Powder into the paints you can create your very own colour customised texture pastes to use with your stencils!
Because it's a powder, the colours stay true so your pastes are uber pigmented and pop right off your page. Gels can dilute the paints and look a little washed out, the Texture Powder is always out on my worktop!
Are you feeling a little excited now and feel the need to paint? :)
I hope so!
If you haven't any of these paints and want to dip you toes in but don't know where to start, I always head straight for my favourite colours and stay in my comfort zone when trying something new.
If you have any more questions or simply want to leave some love, feel free in the comments below.
Happy painting everyone and don't forget to check out my giveaway!
xx Kassa


Anat said...

Absolutely wonderful post! Well done dear Kassa😘

Sonja said...

Makes me wanna try them too :)

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for explaining the differences of each!!! Your work is absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing.

Carol w said...

Very helpful information on these paints. Love the vibrant colors and the four beautiful paintings!

Darlene G said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Dortesjs said...

This is so gorgeous, and yeSS i want to paint all your work

Linda said...

Fabulous post Kassa ..... you make it all sound so easy. Love these paint ranges, the only one I have yet to try is the Impasto range .... can't wait!!!

Susan Fontaine said...

Great, great post/review! Very good information and descriptions. Love all of your art work! All beautiful and bursting with colors!
Lovely! Thank you.

Marci said...

Thank you for the tips and info.

Wendy M said...

But now I want them all, Kassa! 🙄 ❤️ Xx

Cathy Potosky said...

Amazing post on all these gorgeous paints! I only have a few of the sparks but I love them!!

Leslie Lineberry said...

Thank you Kassa for the wonderful information and inspiration! I love my collection of Art Alchemy paints and can't wait to add the Impasto paints to my supply. Your work is so gorgeous - you absolutely make the colors 'dance'!

mamablitger said...

Kassa I am crazy about your paintings. They look fabulous. You truly managed to use all those vibrant colors in an impressive way. Thank you for the very informative review. It will be good to remember your tips and advices.
Thank you also for offering the generous give-away.
Hugs from Monica

Sue Lelli said...


Linda Compton said...

Thank you. I am new to the Art Alchemy line and was full of questions. Thanks for your product description. Im getting ready to place my first order.

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