Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Poetry of Patina

Hi guys!
I'm right in the middle of my July-August US Tour - crazy busy and so thrilled to be meeting fantastic creative people during my live classes making lots of mixed media art together.
I'm sharing my adventures (and some great art) on my Instagram and facebook accounts so you can always take a peek there to see what I'm up to. :)

Today I'd like to share one of the canvases that I made for my brand new Poetry of Patina class that had its debut during this beautiful retreat in India a couple of months ago.
This piece is so much fun to make and you can still join me and create a canvas like this in one of the places I visit during my tour! Simply check the dates & venues {here}.
Curious fact: there is not a single touch of paint on this project!
So now you're probably wondering how did it all come about, right? :)
The answer is: the magic of my two sets of media from the Art Extravagance line: Rust and Patina Pastes. The whole look is completed by Art Alchemy Metallique Waxes.
This large collage on canvas is all about the rust, paint and metallic look! It's a great chance to try out a variety of techniques at once while building this dimensional, intriguing composition.

If you feel like making a bold Rust & Patina statement on a canvas and play with a range of great products and fun mixed media techniques - Poetry of Patina is the place to be! ;)
You can then use the same ways in all kinds of art projects you make - paper based creations like art journals, altered art, home decor, the possibilities are endless...
Check out the magical Pastes (and the whole Art Extravagance line) in our Mixed Media Place online store where you will also find the Pastes in jars that come in two sizes so you don't have to worry you will run out too quickly. ;)

When you follow this 'classes' thread on my blog, you will see all my posts presenting the artworks I created for my different live classes. All of these works came straight from my heart and I can't tell you enough how gratifying it is to be sharing my passion with others...

I'm wondering which of the classes I offer looks the most tempting for you? Or maybe you have already taken some - which one particularly moved your creativity?
Don't feel shy and leave a comment - I'd love to hear from you! :)



corinne de france MARCH said...

The ARTifact -Overemotional :-)

Patti Krauss said...

I am really looking forward to taking 2 of your upcoming classes on Pennsylvania. I get to take Sparky Journal and Moonlight and I can hardly wait! (Wish I could take them all, but my pocketbook told me no!)

Debby Lewis said...

Incredible and breathtaking.

Elaina said...

I have just finished your online class Imagine' and am waiting until September for the second'class in the Árt Transformations series to become available. I loved doing the class and I am very pleased with the canvas I produced from it.

I would love to take a class with you in person but you have not done one near enough for me to get to. If I had a choice I think 'Denim Glamour'is the class I would go to.

Lisa K. said...

I just took your 2 classes in Temecula, CA. I had a great day of getting my hands dirty and playing with all kinds of new things. I would love to learn more about how each of products work and ideas to use them. I loved the 2 canvas projects and would take 100 more if you made them available! You are an excellent instructor and really care about your students understanding what they are doing and how the materials work. I am signing up for the Imagine class next. Thank you for a wonderful but exhausting day of mixed media fun!!!

Michelle Fowler said...

Hi Finn. I see so much of your videos I feel like I know you. Well enough to call you Finn, anyways...I hope you don't mind! I am probably your biggest fan, I think all of your work is absolutely gorgeous. That's why I am absolutely devastated that I missed you when you were in Temecula, which is only like 30 minutes away from where I live. I tried so hard but I just could not get the money together to go. My mom recently had a stroke that left her paralyzed and every penny that I have had been going into her medical bills and treatment. I was wondering if you would be coming back this way anytime in the near or even distant future so I can plan ahead and make sure I have the dough to take your class. I hope and pray I haven't missed my only opportunity!

finnabair said...

Michelle, please don't worry, I'm sure there will be another chance! Your family always has to go first - I'm sorry to hear abut your Mom, I hope she will get better soon! I have good news - after a great day we had in Temecula we were think about repeating the same kind of event next year - so keep your eyes open, most likely in July-August I may be back!

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