Monday, 17 July 2017

Tetiana and the Wild Sea

Hi Dear Friends!
A new art treat from my Creative Team - get ready! :)
Wild and delicate at the same time? Subtle and rough on one layout? Of course it's possible and incredibly inspiring when you follow Marta's advice and her video tutorial.
Another scrapbooking beauty for you to enjoy!

*   *   *   *
Hello friends! It's Marta here today. 
The day I sat down to create the layout I'd like to share today was cloudy and rainy here in Poland. What a cruel and cold summer... but hey! It's the best time to create and do some artistic experiments! 
It's always better to stay at home when the weather is bad, right? So I decided to use this time creatively and here's my new scrapbooking piece.
What inspired me to create this project, was the picture of Tetiana Komarova that I've found on her Instagram account. You can see there my beautiful friend, Tetiana, and the super cool view of the beach and the stormy, wild sea in the background.

The picture really inspired me to create something wild and messy but also with an addition of some delicate accents and elements.
First of all, I've used Gesso, Light Paste (applied with a palette knife) and Impasto paints to create delicate texture and a watercolor effect on my project.
I used some water to create drips and stains of color.

Later on I've used Patina Pastes (without the Brass one this time) and applied them with a dry brush by lighty tapping the surface of my layout. It created a lovely sandy texture and added beautiful tones to my project.
I've added some adhesive canvas, tissue tape, gauze and paper elements from 7 Dots Studio Hazy Days collection to create the composition around the picture.

I've created checkered pattern applying Impasto paint through the 'Checker' stencil with a sponge.
It's such a cool way to apply color, it creates beautiful shading and it's very easy to control the placing and the amount of color you want to add.
The best part was painting the Melange Art Pebbles with Soft Satin Metallique Art Alchemy paint.
You just paint the flat part of every single pebble, let it dry - and voila! You have beautiful colorful cabochons, shining like opals!
I've adhered them to my project with 3D Matte Gel, just like the starfish and Art Stones.
I love to use White Gold Metallique Wax to make subtle accents on paper elements and the Art Stones - this trick adds an amazing shine to many of my projects.
In the video you will be able to take a closer look at how I apply Art Stones - I cover the empty spaces with 3D Matte Gel and fill them with Art Stones using a spoon - it's the easiest way! :)
Using this trick you'll be able to control the amount of Art Stones you want to add and not apply too many of them.
Enjoy the video!

There are so many creative ways to spend rainy days!

For example - why not taking a closer look at your friends' Instagram or Facebook feeds and photos, maybe you will find something that inspires you to create (and touch your friend's heart)? :)

Happy creating to you all!

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Craftypuss said...

Fabulous project!

mommyx2 said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!! I LOVE it!!! Thank you for the video. Need to add some soft satin to my stash.

Sue Lelli said...

I just LOVE this and enjoyed watching your video!!!

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