Thursday, 16 March 2017

Moonlight - collage

Hi again my dear ones!
I'm back - having a short break before I'm going to visit you in USA and Canada in the end of March and through April... I know it will be a very busy time as there are tons of work which is waiting to be done, keep your fingers crossed for me, please!

Blow you can see one of the projects I've made for Creativation 2017 - collage which one day just crystallised in my head... and surprisingly didn't take long to finish! It was real creative flow, everything was falling into places perfectly - what can be better?

Moonlight - collage on canvas (20x50 cm)

I was trying to build a moonlit landscape - poetic, with moonlight revealing the details of things below - just like during real full moon night. There are so many different elements used: glass, rising, wood and metal objects, some findings and some embellishments - but all working together perfectly!

Dark background was created with my favourite Art Basics Black Heavy Gesso of course - and then the colours are all thanks to Art Alchemy Waxes! Believe it or not - but there isn't much paint on this collage... just those little splatters similar to stars and the face of the moon - parted with both Metallique Wax and Art Alchemy Sparks Paints!
My collage is - as usual - very dimensional, as I used lot of elements taken from the Moulds, many interesting findings, so to put it all together I had to have the right adhesive. In this case I can always rely on my favourite Art Basics Heavy Body Gel - it dries fast, it's very sticky and it is a very strong glue. Perfect choice!

I love how all the textures and details are beautifully visible thanks to shimmering waxes. The effect is simply stunning and I'm so very happy about this project - looks even better than I expected!
I'd love to repeat this experience - so who knows..?

Here is the list of the art supplies I used for this project - available in Mixed Media Place!

Thank you so much for visiting - see you very soon... and have a great, creative week!


Helen said...


Moje Wytwory said...

You are so talented person <3
The lanscape works aren't easy (I did 2 and I now what I say :)) but you do it so gorgeous.
I love black as a base and that I adore this work more :)
Of course all elements and details are so stunning.
I must say that I too love use wax in my works :)

I cordially greet.

MarielaPapeletas said...

Asombroso!!. Cabecita talentosa... Gracias x regalarnos tanto arte.

Dortesjs said...

Wonderful colour and design awsome nice ;O)

Maria said...

I would love to watch you do this and was hoping for a video to enjoy it even more than the picture! But thanks for sharing this beauty and showing the items used! Amazing yet again!

Lisa Andersson said...

Amazing! Love it!

Lilibleu said...

Wow !! Gorgeous, I love it !! <3 <3

Wilma said...

Perfect!!!!!!Love every detail of it!!!

Sue Lelli said...

I LOVE this! Especially the moon and stars with their reflectivity! Simply AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

I love the darkness..meaning color of these pieces. Each aspect stands out. Amazing

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