Friday, 31 March 2017

Ambassadors' Meeting - Routines

Hi everyone!
We have another super inspiring chat with my Brand Ambassadors who are sharing their breathtaking Art and thoughts on routine in their lives. 

Yes, you heard it right - the routine! ;)

Because who said that routines and habits can necessarily be a bad thing?! They can actually even be recommended, like workout exercises. ;)
Surely most of us have our favorite ways to create - some people brew a pot of tea before they start, light a candle, have music or tv playing in the background or have their lucky charm clothes stained with paint - does any of this sound any familiar? :)

In this post you will the chance to peek into the routines of your favorite Artists.
 I've also asked the Ladies to leave one piece of advice on the topic - it's such an interesting read!
You will love their 'confessions'!

I believe the routines do make life easier, but inspiration often comes very unexpectedly.
But I'd rather write down the idea and create something in the morning than not have enough sleep. There are just things that I can't skip no matter what kind of idea I have. I always eat and sleep enough. And most important - I always make time to spend with my kids.

I do have some routines that help me to create.
I love cleaning my work space and putting things into their places. While doing this I always get inspired.

Also I love creating during the day and at the same time listening (not watching!) to some of my favorite TV series, like ' Friends'. :)

My advice would be to have everything in its proper places. It's so fun when you just reach out to grab a flower or an embellishment. And not so much fun when you have to overturn a dozen boxes before you find what you need....

Today I'm sharing my latest mixed media canvas. I've discovered I can't live without the sea/ocean for more than a few months, I am in love! When I am at the sea, the emotions overwhelm me! I just can't get enough of the breeze, colors, salty water and smell. I've tried to express this whirlwind of emotions in this latest project of mine:

I definitely have a routine when it comes to creating… it’s whenever I feel like it, because if I don’t do it that way, I’m never really very happy with the results.
I’m not a person that can force creativity. I wish I was, but sadly, I’m not.

I generally am a night owl that gets inspired in the dark of night. I can play around in the Studio during the way with ideas, create embellishment, rearrange pieces and thoughts, but I do the gluing and permanent fixing around midnight. That’s when I finally get the nerve to glue.

My best advice is, know yourself. When do you feel most confident about your work? And always give the process time. I may change things a dozen times. Walk away from your work, and come back. Shine a light on it; photograph it for composition sake; and then decide. Does it still need something? Or is it time to stop.

I created the embellishments for the front of this project way before I knew what I was going to do with them. Sometimes the embellishments create the spark for the basis of your work.
I used the Iron Orchid Design Moulds with Patina Effect Pastes and Metallique Paints on the door shrine. When you open the door, you can see a frame that’s had the 3 steps to a patina finish painted on.
I hope you enjoy this project and a few tips of how I create. Basically it’s by the seat of my pants! Whatever works for you. More pictures and links are on my blog for this project - hope to see you there!

In later years I haven't had a problem with 'routine' as such, and quite often I need to get the mojo flowing by just pushing on and creating, until it feels good.
I much prefer to create from midday onwards - it is when I get the best natural light in my scrap space; and on the rare occasion, that creating can extend in to the small hours of the morning, especially if I don't have work the next day.
I do tend to get into my messy [covered in paint and glue] clothes to create, plus they are so much more comfortable 😄. Oh and I always have the television on in the background, [me bad] I know.

My advice? Don't be to hard on yourself if you just aren't 'feeling it'! I know it is incredible frustrating not to get your creative groove on when you would like to, but don't push it, look at doing something else to help you relax. However in saying that, If I have a deadline, I 'push thought it'! 😊

Today I would like to share with you 2 art journal pages I created using Finnabair's fabulous new Art Alchemy Sparks Acrylic Paint - Mermaid Sparkle.
The pages were created on black paper, and the actual images I hand drew using fine line masking fluid. This was then highlighted by the Sparks acrylic paint.

Like everyone I have certain kinds of habits and creative routines but I don't firmly stick to them.
I create when I have time, sometimes setting my alarm clock to 4 or 5 a.m. or create in the afternoon or in the evenings.
Sometimes I listen to music or glance at a tv, some other times I work in complete silence.

But when it comes to the products I admit I have my favorite ways. ;) For example, to create I need to have gesso + paints and crayons + stamps + coffee. I also love metal embellishments.
When I like a certain product, I can play with it for ages and keep reaching for it in my every work. Recently, I got a little crazy about the new Waxes and Mini Art Stones. :)

Even though I tend to reach for the same products, I always try to come up with new ways of using them. That's a lot of creative thinking and huge fun for me.

The piece I'm presenting today is a work in which I wanted to go beyond my usual ways. I decided my focal point not to be the usual vintage photo but this adorable little nest. I hope you like it!

I believe in routine if it's a routine of creating daily or keeping yourself in a creative mood. Like more in general terms, not a specific agenda to create. I love some restrictions in my crafts as otherwise I'm overwhelmed by the amount of ideas and choices but a total routine might be too restricting to me.

I came up with one routine - tea. If I have a day off and start creating, the first thing is to make a pot of tea. I usually end up drinking at least half of it freezing cold, but it's a starting habit. Otherwise than that, there's very little routine.

When I was studying, I noticed that I was at my most creative late at night or really, really early in the morning. Now that I'm older, with a family and a full-time job, I don't always have the luxury to stay up as late as my creative peek.

I try to think about the project during the previous night. About the topic, maybe even the colors or products, but most of all to have some kind of starting point straight away. Otherwise I let the project lead. I may have an idea but if the project says otherwise, I'm in for the ride. 

My piece of advice would be: know yourself or learn to know yourself. It's a simple but oh such a hard thing! Think about the projects you are very happy with and think when you are happiest in creating.

I chose this project for the post for a couple of reasons - first, it's quite recent and shows the effect of the wonderful Opal Magic Paints well but secondly, it shows one starting point for a project.
Like I wrote earlier, if I'm in a rush, I think beforehand of a starting point. For this project it was to use the paints so I came up with the idea to do two almost identical cards but just paint one with black and one with white to show the unique effect of the paints.

We hope you enjoyed today's meeting with the Ambassadors and their stories.
How about you? Do you have any favorite creative routines while making art?
Leave a comment below - we'd love to hear from you and know a little more about your creative process!

Finn & The Team


Jackie PN said...

Thanks everyone for sharing! it was fun getting to know a bit more about each of you!
Jackie ")

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Pretty, Beatiful

Carmen Patricia Casal said...

Pretty, Beatiful

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