Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Imagine Online Class - Today is the Day!

Hi my dear ones, yes, TODAY is the day!
I'm still not able to believe it is really happening, but yes - the message boards are filling with faces, classes videos are up and running, the friendly chatting has already started! Now I can't wait to see the first results of the class! Amazing - "Imagine" Online Class is live!
When I was asked by my students and followers about teaching online I was always worried about 2 factors: time and my post-production skills. I have no problem with creating a class, planning it and breaking into steps. I can even plan the kit and logistics quite well, but working on the videos, images, files... this is not my strongest side tone honest! When 2 wonderful people - who happen to be my friends - proposed they would like to start this creative cooperation with me and Art Transformations project was born I felt this huge pressure was taken off me! Now I was able to work in a great, friendly atmosphere with people I love, doing things I love... and the results -  let me tell you - are fabulous!
I was planning for today to show you the project we are making during "Imagine" Online Class closer - and then I decided to add more to this mini-gallery. I was looking for the older samples from this class from the time I was teaching it live - and I found a pretty nice selection!

Here is the original project which I created during filming of the class. I hope you like it! 
Below you can see projects I was creating in the classrooms with students - just a bit extra inspiration for you - enjoy! Some of them are very vintage ;)

There is one more treat for you!
Today we are starting our second edition of Designers' Faves Challenge in our Finnabair and Friends Open Studio Facebook Group!

This time it is John who is hosting the event for you and he has chosen Handmade Jewelry as the theme. You can read more about this challenge along with photos for inspiration here!
This challenge is inspired by this post - and if you'd like to join the fun here are 2 simple rules:
- Jewelry pieces should be NEW, unique pieces that you have recently created. 
- Finished jewelry pieces must be wearable. 
As you may have noticed, this challenge is pretty open ended to your interpretation of what you define as beautiful jewelry! You don’t have to use Finnabair’s products to be elligible for the prize although we always love to see how you use Finnabair products in new, innovative ways. Creative vision is what matters the most! =)

Here is a peek at the prize... ;)
To submit your artwork, use this link.
which will take you to the folder in the photo album in the group page to add ONE photo of your artwork, along with a brief description of your finished jewelry piece. 
Designers' Faves with John are open until 15th March! Join the fun!

Sending hugs:)


Dortesjs said...

awsome ;O))

suzieq23 said...

So excited about your online classes Finn. Since you say you have added to the Imagine Class, do I need any of your new products? I havent signed up for the class yet, but want to know if I have to purchase any of your new products. Thank you. Sue

finnabair said...

Suzieq23 - as long as you will have some liquid gel medium like Soft Gel and White/light Silver mica powder or similar product you will be fine. Other products you have at home for sure!

corinne de france MARCH said...

On 15 March, the day of my birthday ! I try my luck to get the price that is offered :-)

congratulations for your courses online, but I hope to see you in workshops !

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