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Ambassadors' Meeting - Emotions in Art

Hi there Dear Friends!
My super talented Brand Ambassadors did it again!
This month I've asked these eight amazing Artists to share their thoughts on emotions in art and how they impact their creativity.
Their answers were most interesting and even though emotions play a different role for each of the ladies, the whole Team agreed on one thing - art can be highly therapeutic and is their go-to mood booster.
I'm sure you know the feeling. :)
Enjoy this inspiring post and we hope you will also share your own thoughts - feel welcome to do so in our Finnabair & Friends Open Studio facebook group!

Do I only create when in a happy/positive mood?
I am glad to say that I am rarely in a bad mood. :)
And especially the moments while I'm creating my art - feeling sad is not an option for me. 
I'm always feeling great even when simply cleaning my work space and rearranging my craft supplies.
Sometimes I could try out new materials or techniques.
And while doing all this, my mood always goes up and I am ready for the happy crafting again! 
All the pretty supplies - fabrics, pretty papers, paints, embellishments, provide the greatest inspiration to me. So even just holding them in my hands instantly makes me happy. :)

I chose this Mechanicals + fabric heart piece to showcase this emotions theme, because it was created for a very special person and evokes a lot of my warm and happy memories.

All my art work is emotion based. Whether it's a simple atc or an intricate altered art piece, I try to be very much aware of the emotional state I'm in while working. It influences all my choices: color, shape, texture, composition,...
And not only am I ok with that, that's why I'm into it in the first place. It really is my number one form of therapy. To that extend that I do not need another one. ;)

When I start a new piece, I choose which event of my life I want to focus on, and thus, the emotions that go with it.
But other than that, I do not think about it, I try not to choose my techniques or products in function of that moment of life.

Instead, I focus on following the first idea that pops in my mind. Because I know that even if I think about it for an hour or more, that first idea is what I will do anyway.

Once the piece is done, I do like to read it, because it often tells me a lot about myself and about my emotions. Why did I pick that color, or that shape? Those where the emotions speaking!

Whatever the event I choose to work on, if that's what I felt like expressing, it means it's important to get it out. Good things, bad things... The good things will give me a beautiful memory, the bad things will allow me to put it down and let it go.
The 'Fragile Heart' above is one of the 'heaviest' pages I ever made in my art journal  - it is about my retiring. It was not expected and surely not supposed to happen, so it got me down in a very bad way.
Until weeks later my mom reminded me it might be a good thing to put it down in my journal. I did and it helped me get over the sadness.
The page is dark and heavy, but I like it, only because of the process I enjoyed so much and because of everything that was going on in my mind while working. 
Do I even need to point out this was made in the period after my divorce? Naaa ;)
I had great fun making it though! So not all not so fun emotions turn out dark and grey on paper.
That only depends on where my subconscious wants to take it. And I always look forward to that, to discovering what is going on subconsciously so that I can be more aware of how I feel.

I'm kind of frustrated with lots of things that are going on in the world lately. I also had a bad cold, no energy, stomach issues, it was cold and dark, my head hurt.....whine, whine, and more whine.
Although I got 2 packages in the mail, and they piqued me artistic interest, I remained stuck in a rut and in my pajamas on the couch.
FINALLY, I took a hot shower, put on my big girl panties, dressed in my comfy sweats, and decided to.....MAKE SOMETHING!
Creating ART is better than Alka-Selzer Plus Cold Medicine. (For those unfamiliar with that, it's supposed to be the best for colds as clearly stated on TV, so it must be true!) Making ART makes me feel better every time.
I was clearly very happy with the results, and I know how really simple this project is...honestly!
So find a box, get out your paper clay and moulds and waxes, and make one yourself.

I added the paper clay moulds, while still wet, to an unfinished wooden pencil case with Heavy Body Gel.
The sides have a long thin mould and Pumice Stone Effects Paste to fill in the edges.
I used a palette knife to apply the paste. Let it dry.
The only paint here is the Heavy Black Gesso that's used to basecoat everything. Seriously.
All the other color is added by using the new Finnabair Waxes. The waxes are added with brushes and my fingers, depending on the size of the area and extent of color. A dry-brush technique works well, too.
The background of the box has several colors of the waxes with the vibrant Mystic Turquoise Antique Brilliance Wax stealing the show. It has an amazing ability to shine with different intensity when tilted to catch the light.

The unfinished wooden legs were painted and waxed before gluing them on with Heavy Body Gel.
The back really shows the gorgeousness of the Turquoise Wax and the contrast on the Pebbles using Red Amber Antique Brilliance, Aged Brass, Vintage Gold, and Rich Copper Metallique Waxes.
The hardest part is knowing when to stop... :)

A few more details and pictures are on my blogpost if you need more information or my 1st ever video on YouTube!

Personally, I don't think I'm that influenced by emotion in such a way as to depict it or use it in my creativity, although I have been told that some of my creations, and the stories I create to go with them, have evoked strong emotions in people.

As a scrapbooker I have been very caught up on; telling the story, and making myself feel good by the actual process of creating. The feeling I get from creating is a huge motivator for me to create!!! It is most definitely a mood lifter for me 😊.

In the early days of my scrapbooking I found it very therapeutic when I was going through a very stressful period of my life, and ever since then creating has become a 'go-to' method of relaxing.

In the last couple of years I have started to explore and experiment with different mediums and different art forms, and most recently I have really enjoyed creating with clay.
I tell people that my work with clay and the dolls and plates/bowls that I create are my therapy, and I really do mean that.
I come home from work and it is hard for me to unwind and relax enough to sleep so I sit and create with the clay, getting wet and dirty hands, and clay under my nails. It is just so good! I love it! 😊
With that in mind I would like to share with you 3 recent clay based projects that I have created; all of which are beautifully finished with Finnabair's most wonderful products - Black and White Heavy Gesso, Art Alchemy Paints and Waxes, large Art Stones and Concrete Stone Effect Paste.

I think emotions and artmaking are inseparable.
Sometimes it might be hard to find the reflections of different emotions in my artworks but that's mainly because I'm usually very focused when I create and in a way I put most of the feelings behind.
I just am here and now - don't overthink things, just immerse myself in the creative process and simply enjoy making a composition, choosing photographs, colors and embellishments.

I can honestly say that art and creativity can be very therapeutic - there's nothing better than splashing some paint or inks, make some creative mess around you in the comfort of your home. Highly recommended! ;)

Curious fact: I noticed that when my mood is low, I tend to reach for different shades of pink. :)  This palette instantly cheers me up!

I have to say that I am not always in the best mood when I start creating... but art definitely makes me happy and changes my feeling for the day. Art in any kind of form is always very therapeutic.
Sometimes you can see my emotions in my artworks, they do influence my art and you can often see them in the colors or stickers sentiments I choose.

It always makes my heart smile when I can create a piece that could be helpful to other crafters. I take a great joy in showing the basic techniques, explaining and walking you through my creative process.
This small mixed media canvas represents exactly this happy creative moment - it's qute simple and very easy to create for those who are just beginning their creative journey.

You can watch the whole creative process in this video I made and I hope you will enjoy it and feel encouraged to create with me!
I mostly played with brand new Antique Brilliance Art Alchemy Waxes and I really enjoyed them! The packagings are just the perfect size - not too large, not too small and they smell so great! :)
Another piece I'd like to share and that also perfectly represents the feeling of joy that I find making art, is also a small canvas with an old brush as my focal point. I love adding recycled elements to my makes.

I have strong emotions about creating. Getting my hands dirty with paints and mediums brings me joy and affect my current mood in a positive way.
Creating keeps me going, it  keeps me sane, I like to say. When I'm not able to create anything for a while, the longing to do something might get almost physical.
Then the next project doesn’t have to be an elaborate altered piece or canvas, but just something to make me spread paint on paper or stamp and color. Those projects may be a start of something I create for a brand or then just some fun playtime, not to be blogged or shared.

Sometimes I experience something that needs an output. That happens rarely, but when I feel angry, frustrated or puzzled beyond normal, I can take my journal and let the steam out. When something like that happens, I don’t document the project. No photos, no blog post. It’s just for myself, just to help me go through the emotions and nothing more.
Most of my projects are based on feelings. I like to create layouts about things dear to me, like my two daughters. This layout is one of such pieces - filled with emotions for my darling husband. :)
The highlight of the canvas projects or altered pieces is usually something fun or intriguing I have found or an item that has a story of its own. Like the scissors I got from my grandfather or the frame a reader of my blog sent to me. I may not tell the story in my write up for the project, but I know it and it brings that special layer to the piece.

The second photo is of a really rare thing – an outburst art journal page that I actually blogged.
See, never say never! :)

We all hope you enjoyedall these gorgeous inspirations and feel inspired to create more art conveying all sorts of emotions!
Happy creating!
Finn & The Team


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What a huge inspiration you all are ;O))

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oldvwblues said...

Wow..I need to catch my breath!!! Wow...awesome art! So much inspiration!! Thank you!

Unknown said...

I am really inspired by these stories. France & Marta are my favorites.

Katina said...

Love all the projects but would love to find out the source of the "square pipe embellishment" that Elena used in her heart...

Elena Morgun said...

Thank you everyone for your sweet words!

Katina, these are called Water Pipe Frames, but they have been discontinued:

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