Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Art Journal Therapy

Hi again!
In the last weeks - due to many circumstances including lots of traveling, working in many fields in one time and simply - my internal need  - my art journal seems to have been my main artistic field. Of course - I'm very active during the classes, creating happily with my students and having a great time - but in between all of this, I feel the need to put many of my emotions and feelings on the pages of the book.
I shared quite a personal post on "journaling on my lap" about 2 weeks ago.
It was a brave step for me - to show pages which were done with limited supplies, without my usual focus on finishing the details. But at the same time it was real, the closest to my current reality possible.

Today I've got another project different from my usual creative ways - a journal spread made by me in the end of December, to warm up after a longer break, quite a difficult time then for me, without any creativity. Surprisingly it goes perfectly with my current mood, too!
This is a large journal spread - done in my A4 size vintage address book and it is mostly based on working with layers and gesso (Art Basics Heavy White Gesso - of course!), watercolors, pens and pencils. I was able to try out stamps from Everything Art sets - and I went a bit crazy with them! ;)

The image I used was printed on my laser printer. I used Soft Matte Gel as my glue and sealer and covered the picture with one coat of Art Basics Clear Gesso to protect it, seal it and make it easy to work on. Did I mention already that Clear Gesso is journaler's best friend? The beautiful, transparent matte coat you are getting this way is just perfect for most of the techniques!

Here is the list of the supplies I used - all the items are available in Mixed Media Place Store! 
If you'd like to have a closer look at the stamps - check Everything Art Shop here

Sending best wishes to you all - and heading to Israel now, to jump into mixed-media reality again!

P.S. Did you see?
I'm going to USA and Canada in the break of March and April - this may be your last chance to book a class somewhere closer to your area! Check these out!

PS2. Don't forget to check out the ongoing Designers' Faves facebook group challenge - this month John is encouraging and inspiring you to create some beautiful mixed media jewelry!
You can read more about it in John's post and add your submissions here.
It's on till March 15th so don't wait and join in the fun!


Dortesjs said...

gorgeous work, you go crazy girl ;O) ;O) love your art ;O)

Unknown said...

Please come to the East coast of Canada in the future. British Columbia is just too far!! Loved your online class, Imagine. Would love to take a class with you in person. You and your techniques make my heart sing a happy song ❤

Lilly said...

We are waiting for you here in Florida!!!! said...

Amazing work!

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