Wednesday, 29 March 2017

A Touch of Magic - collage

Hi my creative souls!
I'm on my tour now in the USA and Canada, but fear not - I've made some projects in advance to show you when I'm away, busy teaching, travelling and designing!

Collage I'm showing to you today is a great example of the story which, after some unexpected bumps and problems, finished with real "and they live happily ever after". I know it is hard to tell now, but my plan for this project was different - I tried to follow my concept as much as I could and then - boom - something changed, something happened and I landed quite far from the original idea... but do I like the result of this journey?
Like it a lot. Love it, actually!
I'm absolutely in the background I created - using Art Basics Modeling Paste and my Bubble stencil. I know it is hard to tell, but I used in a free-hand, very freestyle way to add intriguing, rich texture under the main composition. The real beauty of it show end when I started rubbing the Art Alchemy Waxes into the texture: with a magical touch of Old Silver and White Gold from the Metallique line all the eye-catching details started to show. Perfect!
I love all the little imperfections, all the grungy, almost like "moonscape" or "underwater" look I created on the canvas and I have to tell you - it is more than great to touch  them too... This project is a real, dimensional, textured feast! Made sure all my elements were staying in place - I used my favourite adhesive - Art Basics Heavy Body Gel - which is perfect for any kind of heavy-duty gluing. After my composition built with all the possible findings such as shells, pearls and of course a selection of my Mechanicals I primed it all with Art Basics Black Heavy Gesso and I was ready for painting.
I decided not only use the sprays but to make everything really shine and create this ocean-inspired look I picked 3 colours of my new Art Alchemy Sparks: Magical Pond, Mermaid Sparkle and Unicorn's Hair. You can't compare this shine to anything else! And here the trouble started... I was so excited to simply PAINT with these beauties I went one step too far... well, maybe few steps! The moment I realised I simply can't see anything but sparkle and shine I knew I have to calm everything down a bit... Rust Pastes to the rescue!
As you can see adding a bit of these cool, rust-like products helped me to show the beauty of all the details again and added a new quality to the colour palette, which was simply too monochromatic for my liking! The past part of it all is the Rust Paste is so simple to use and it will give you tonnes of possibilities of creating cool, grungy effects on your projects. I have to tell you - I'm a proud Mama of this Art Baby :)

I hope you like this assemblage I made for you - and it is going to inspire you to try new combinations, new effects, push yourself to try go outside of your box... and don't panic when something is not going exactly the way you expected!

Here is the list of the products I used - linked from Mixed Media Place Shop! I hope it helps!

Sending you warmest hugs from beautiful but rainy Seattle


Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

What a magnificent piece i love the way you have altered the paint brush as if it is hiding amongst the canvas. Each element intrigues me and I could spend hours just looking at this. The colour combination is most delightful. Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging us with your inspirational artistry.. Hugs Tracey xx said...

It looks really amazing! I like this combination - Sparks and Rust!

Ольга Захарова said...

Аmazing!!! Magical and very beautiful collage!

Dortesjs said...

waue stunning. great comb. and lovely colours

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