Monday 7 November 2016

Record Your Story

Hello Dear Friends!
Before I present Kasia's stunning new project, I'd like to put up a little reminder -
lucky Dragonriding 
- please, contact us at to claim your giveaway prize! :)

And now it's high time for you to see what Kasia has come up with - and let me tell you, you will instantly fall in love with this artwork! Kasia's also guiding us step by step in her video tutorial so we hope you'll feel tempted to create along. :)
As you probably know, I really like to use old family photos in my projects. Recently, I came across some photos that inspired me to create this new mixed media collage.
I chose two photos of my family members I never had the chance to meet, they date back to 1930s or 40s.
I didn't use the original images, instead I scanned and printed them.
I think many of you know those tiny pieces of wood that come with every new canvas. Don't throw them away! They can be amazing for creating an interesting background or a original embellishments for your projects. You will see how I used them in my video below.
I used Art Alchemy paints to make a lot of splashes that I think nicely complete my project.

The papers and add-ons I used come from a beautiful new 7 Dots Studio collection - Writer's Block.
Enjoy my video!

I hope you feel inspired by my new project. I know many of you love vintage photos just like I do. Each of them carries its own stories, so precious, especially nowadays when we tend to take thousands of photos... I think they deserve a special creative treatment. :)

Have a nice day!

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Unknown said...

Amazing!! Loved it !!

gibonik said...

REWELACYJNY blejtram:) Klimat i kolory przecudne:)

ingrid said...

stunning ! it's just impossible not to be inspired by this wonderful piece !

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