Monday, 21 November 2016

Home Is You

Happy Creative Monday, Friends!
I have the great pleasure to introduce another new Member of my Creative Team today!
Please, say hi to superbly talented Marta whose Art - always so subtle, elegant and poetic - is an inspiration to many... Let's say an extra warm welcome, shall we? :)
Hello friends! I'm over the moon happy to be here and I'm so grateful for this chance. I would like to thank all my friends who believed in me, and the most important - I would like to thank Anna for this amazing opportunity!

For my first post I wanted to express myself in my favoite art journaling style, however I had an idea to do it on a different base than a paper journal page. Quite a challenge, wouldn't you say? ;)
So here's my project which is not quite a traditional art journal.
I took two wooden houses and decided to create a little story on them.
I don't want to reveal the whole story I had in mind. I like to leave some room for interpretation for everyone looking at my art and let all of you imagine your own stories. It's great to leave some space for creativity and not necessarily say it all loud.
I can only say that I had in mind an element of "her", "him" and "houses" as two separate beings but connected with each other. I hope you like my idea and feel tempted to do some visual story telling with me! :)

I covered the houses with a layer of White Gesso and after they dried, I started my work.
The most important thing was to create some layers. Stamping, embossing, splashing, tissue tape, paper elements - it all come together, it's all visible here and there.

In the end I added some color and shine with an amazing Green-Gold Opal Magic paint from Art Alchemy line - I use it very often, cause it has such a beautiful shine that can't be replaced. I used it even on metal elements that were not covered with gesso! It gives that special touch and it accents the texture.

You can watch the whole process 'cause I prepared a video for you, I hope you enjoy it!
Let me know if you have any questions and let me know you liked my first project, I'm here for you!


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Unknown said...

Marta you alway have something special to share! I love it!!!

Coleen said...

Just lovely, Marta. I really like the theme of houses and I love vintage pictures as well. Nice layering and sparkle paint. Who doesn't love sparkle, right?

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