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Ambassadors' Lounge - Meeting #1

Dear Friends,
As you know, a while ago I announced a very special Team of my Brand Ambassadors -
If you go right back to {this post}, you will be able to read more about these 7 beautiful Artists who kindly agreed to keep supporting me. Here they are:
And so we meet with them today in a brand new inspirational series.
Once a month they'll be sharing their favorite art projects, their thoughts and their knowledge.
Just imagine these posts as friendly, inspiring meetings in an Art Lounge. ;)
It's a great chance to take a peek at the desks of these talented Ladies, chat with them, ask a question and absorb creative inspirations.
In November our theme to talk about is "CREATIVE FLOW".
I've asked each of the Ambassadors to choose 1 project that they've created recently and that was the most fun to create. The one they feel was created right from the heart and soul, the one that made them lose track of space and time. Because that's what the feeling of Flow is all about and we all hope this feeling is familiar to you, dear Readers. :)

What makes you happiest in your creative process?
When do you feel the most You?
What makes your heart sing when making art?

Here's what the Ambassadors told us:

The best pages in my journal, and this is one of them, were made without too much thinking, keeping it simple and going with the flow.
I know that my mojo will start rolling by adding a little texture to the page. And a little bit of color to enhance that texture and make it pop. That doesn't require any thinking, doesn't it? :)
A page in my art journal that has a lot of meaning to me, makes it a good page in my book. And the simplicity to obtain the dramatic effect really fits what I wanted to tell on this one.
Now that the story is on paper, I can let it go and come back to it whenever I feel like it. If I ever feel like it ;)
It's not about fancy technique or impressive art. What makes my heart sing the most is the meaning and the process fitting that meaning. And that singing heart fuels my creative flow.

So, what get's your mojo flowing? What makes your heart sing? Now go, go and do just that!
Make sure you watch France's creative process in her video!

This project is, by far, one of my favorite creations.
It has everything in it that I love to use... a vintage photo and lace, Mechanicals and wax, paper clay and moulds, stencils and Metallique paints.
I started with the back of a stretched canvas and a picture,  then built it up from there.
Layering is what makes me happy. Building the project up from the background is what I love to do. I get lost in the application of each separate layer, "should I add more, is it enough already, maybe just a little bit more here?"
But what makes me feel the best is when it's done, my work table is cleaned off, and supplies all put back in their places.
I feel like I've created something I'm happy with, and now it's time to relax and enjoy the warm feeling of accomplishment. That makes me smile. :)

More about this gorgeous Lady of Grace collage on Linda's blog!

Actually getting the time to create makes me happy. :)
There are many hurdles for me to create so just getting the time is fabulous.
Whenever I create this kind of thing, I feel I am on a journey, a creative and evolving journey as I explore ideas that I have.
My heart sings when I find out that my art evokes feelings in others.

I like to create lil offbeat creatures and create a story to go with them. This is Avian Merman; he is part bird, part man, part fish creature.

You just have to see more photos of Louise's Avian Merman and read the whole story!

It's great to be back here on the blog! I would love to share one of my recent art journal pages.
As some of you know, I love making video tutorials and I love chatting in them. :) So {here} you can watch how I created this piece. I truly enjoyed making it as it was a challenge - my viewers requested me to create something wintery, mixed media and preferably a journal page. :)
I used two of my favorite Art Basics products: White Gesso and Art Stones.

My Creative Flow? I feel that the more I create, the better it goes, I have more ideas. I feel happiest when I can create, just for the sake of it. I simply love the fact that I can turn a plain page into a special work of art. Art journaling is what makes me smile. When I open my old book my heart is happy and my head instantly filled with ideas.

You can follow Marta's art adventures on her blog and social media!

An artwork particularly close to my heart is this vintage style tag / bookmark.
You won't be able to see it as I created many layers of paper here but that day I got really carried away with... a needle and thread. :)
I tried sewing on this smal piece of paper and it was letting out just one of many ideas running through my mind recently.
That day I finally carved out some time and let myself work on every single detail and just... play.
And I have to be honest - I love the final effect. It's so 'me' with all the layers, an old photo, vintage embellishments and coffee splashes.
While creating this piece I completely lost the track of time... I hope I will be able to experience it more often.
Whenever such moment happens, I think to myself that this is all I really need in life. :)

See more delicious details on Monika's blog!

What really makes me tick while creating, is the moment when the project starts to decide where it wants to go.
I might have a vision when starting, but during the process the project takes over and starts to lead the way. When that happens, the end result is usually something I really like and naturally the process is also very enjoyable!

Another thing that makes me smile is the paint and mediums on my fingers. It means that I've had some "me time", time to create, time to have fun. I love to feel the mediums, feel their thickness and flow on my fingertips. Not the best thing if you are working in sales and meet customers on daily basis, though! ;)

Read more about Riikka's inspirations for this brilliant project!
And if you're dreaming about meeting Riikka in person, read more about her Belgium December workshops and sign up!

*   *   *   *   *
Dear ones, we hope you like our new inspirational series. Let us know what you think! And most of all, we'd love to hear what Creative Flow means for you...
And like France said above -
 What get's your mojo flowing?
What makes your heart sing?
Now go, go and do just that!

We hope the meetings with Finnabair Ambassadors will spark some interesting conversations and hopefuly encourage you to spread your wings wider and be a little braver! :)

We hope to see you next month in our Ambassadors' Lounge!
Lots of hugs and happy creating you all!
Finn & the Team


Marci said...

Thank you, creative people!

Heather Thompson said...

I love it when the flow is there, these are wonderful projects. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

Heather said...

Each and every point of view and artwork here speak to me in different ways. Thank you so much for this gathering of creative work, fascinating artists, and encouraging words! xox

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