Wednesday, 2 November 2016

50 Stories

Hello Dears!
I thought I'd share a brand new layout of mine that was so much fun to create and that I hope will make you feel inspired!
It all started with a beautiful new 7 Dots Studio collection of papers called Writer's Block. Contrary to its name, I never hesitated. :) My new layout is inspired by the beautiful color palette of these papers somehow making me think of creating something more ' masculine'.
My instant thought was that the papers would perfetly match one of my favorite photos of my dad as a young man. And here's what I came up with:
I started like I often do - gathering and glueing down little bits of leftover papers, pieces of fabric and paper tapes creating a cluster in the area that was going to be my focal point.
A little bit of White Gesso and some freehand stamping created a lovely depth I could keep building on and adding all the layers I love so much.
All the larger and heavier elements were glued down with Soft Matte Gel and Heavy Body Gel - my faithful go to products when I need to be sure that all the embellishments will stay in place.

And I just kept adding... Having fun choosing among my Mechanicals all the elements that reminded me of dad and that would help me create a masuline feel to the layout.

I also added a few trinkets from my stash and so we have a Pocket Watch that I think is just perfect for the occasion, bat wings, a light bulb, all kinds of gears, washers, little screws, and many more...

Each of these elements seems to be telling a story of its own, like this tiny metal charm in the shape of a merry-go-round - my dad comes from Bielany, a district in Warsaw once famous for being a popular weekend picnic spot with famous carousels and such . :)

The colors here are mainly Lindy's sprays both sprayed and splashed with a paintbrush.
The splatters also come from watered down White Gesso to add a little bit of worn, vintage look. I didn't want my work to look too tidy and ordered. ;)
If you like playing 'I Spy...' game, you can also spot elements made with beautiful IOD Moulds, Art Pebbles and Mini Art Stones.

I hope you like my 'masculine', multi-layered inspiration and here are the products I used:

Oh and yes, I do remember I promised to announce the winner of my Team's Farewell Giveaway... :)

Before I do -
first of all, you have made my life really difficult - how to choose1 out of 600 (yes! six hundred!) comments.....? ;)

Please know that both my Team and I, we read all your comments very carefully with our hearts filled with so much gratitude. It's absolutely priceless to know that all our efforts make a difference in you lives and that so many of you dare to spread your creative wings. :) Thank you ever so much...
And now - time for the winning comment which goes like this:

'Fabulous, Inspirational, Naughty but Nice Acronyms = FINN'

and belongs to:

Please, contact us at: to claim your award! :)

Sending you all lots of hugs!

and my Fabulous Inspirational, Naughty but Nice -


Helen said...

that's a fabulous winning comment! Love your latest layout, it is stunning. the colours, the texture, the elements that made it up. Beautiful.

ingrid said...

Hummmm this layout is so... just love it !

Debs Smith said...

Love the layout and the winning comment is just inspirational - love it!

Aga Baraniak said...

piękny i magiczny.... czaruje klimatem!

Sanda Reynolds said...

Pure magic again Anna, I just love this layout!!! And congrats to the winner, her comment is brilliant! The amount and content of these comments just warmed my heart! Lots of love, Sanda xxx

Heather Thompson said...

it is a fabulous masterpiece. and a prefect collection. and congrats to the winner. well said.

famillemarleau said...

Congrats to the winner. Johanne Lacombe

Kate Palmer said...

Stunning page I adore the texture and color.

Michele Mathews said...

Love this!

audry briere said...

Lots of energy in these collages, just love them!

Wilma said...

Beautiful much to see. Love every detail.
Congrats to the lucky winner!!

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