Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Girly Grunge - mixedmedia layout

Hi again my darlings.
I'm back here, literally in between my travels to Norway (we had a great, creative weekend there!) and Poland, where I'm teaching during Art in Town in Warsaw this coming Saturday. It will be so great to see my family and friends again after such a long break and enjoy staying in Warsaw... can you believe I'm excited and a bit shaky in the same time? I'm rarely stressed before teaching but this time is different... I'll be teaching a class in Polish first time in 3 years and I'm sure there will be many familiar faces... it's almost like passing the exams again, believe me or not!

So, last night I started a project which was waiting for me to come back for over 2 weeks - as I had a great time using 7DS Writer's Block Collection I decided to follow the same path and pick one more of these gorgeous dark papers, especially I had a heavier, more grungy and rich project on my mind.

This is a great example showing what is the difference between the classroom and home made layout- the percentage of the rubbish (also called "found treasures") I use is really high comparing to real, legit "embellishments". I can't help it - this is my nature. I LOVE collecting random items, their shapes, textures, designs are just mesmerising for me. Whenever I will spot something on the street, in the garage, on the floor - I just want to pick it up and use it for my next projects... hoarding lady in training? Maybe! I'm sure you can spot some of my "findings" on the photos below.

I've been splattering a lot in my Saturday and Sunday classes so this idea also appeared today. I like the dynamic, energetic look you can get using this simple technique and I think for the composition I made - it is just a perfect choice. I've used Black Acrylic Ink and Art Alchemy Metallique Gold Rush Paint which worked great, creating very dramatic, energetic look.

Of course there are some Prima Mechanicals and "Mehendi" chipboards from Scrapiniec used too - I layered them mostly under and on the photo together with a piece of old, rusted metal, old spring, leather belt and rusty bottle cap. Some of my Mechanicals were altered in a very unusual way - I threw some of my old, damaged projects in the fireplace and collected my metal embellishments from the ashes... what an amazing look they've got now, just look at this half-burned Mechanical flower on the top!!!

Finally - art mediums. I've started with Art Basics Heavy Body Gel - gluing down all the old chipboard letters I wanted to "recycle". I've used a bit of Heavy Black Gesso on them too - just before I sprayed them with water-based sprays in shades of burgundy, brown and black. I've also used the same gel again to mount all the layers of lace, findings and embellishments. It is really the best glue for dimension ever.
Finally - I've brushed a bit of Metallique Gold Rush Paint on the chipboards, lace and some of the metal embellishments - to make them stand out more.

Seriously, everything about this project makes me happy - style, topic, colours, design - and the time I could finally could spend in my own studio. I hope for more of this quality time in December :)
I'm off now to finish my packing - I'm leaving tomorrow - but you will be in the best company of my amazing Creative Team, who are ready to deliver the most amazing projects and tutorials every Monday and Friday - so check them out!

I'm leaving links to the most important products used here - all linked from our Mixed Media Place Store.

Sending warmest hugs

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Torsa Saha said...

Speechless!! Take a bow !!

Yasmin said...

Amazing Layout Anna!! Would love a class like that! :D :D


Heather Thompson said...

stunning picture and fabulous grudge page. love it.

Belinda Basson said...

Ever since I first came across your work a few years ago, I have been a hoarding lady in training... I totally get your need to pick stuff up off the street and garage floor. Now I am going to try your new "burnt" look and throw some things into the "braai" (BBQ) fire to see what comes out... always game to try something new! I love this look and the splattering is fabulous.

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