Friday, 23 April 2021

Ms. Beatroutte by Olga Sępkowska

Ms. Beatroutte

Have you already met my Mr. Cawwot? If not, it's worth catching up because he's a very cool guy! But today I would like to introduce you to his fiancée - Ms. Beatroutte! A lot of good things can be said about Ms. Beatroutte, she fights on various fronts for health and youth, I heard rumors that in her free time she does some shamanic rituals.

Mold castings make it incredibly easy to create compositions. Sometimes it is worth to look around and seek for something else, which will make the compositions more interesting. Maybe some broken jewelry, an old detached button from your coat, slightly rusty metal spacers or other interesting junk you can find at your dad's garage.

I love the Impasto paints! It was the product that I based the media side of my project on. They make my job so much easier because I can directly apply these paints on castings and other plastic parts (you have to remember not to dilute the paint too much). They have great coverage and beautiful colors. And mixing them together is a pleasure - I was able to mix the right colors for my beetroot without any problems. The Linen Impasto helped me to bring out the details in the last stage of my project. 

I hope you enjoy taking a look at my video, where I show you step by step how Ms. Beatroutte was created. Now I guess I need to think of some babies, or pets, for this amazing couple! Have a nice day!


Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store:

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