Friday, 1 November 2019

Believe by Kasia Bogatko

today I wanted to show you why I love liquid acrylic paints. I made a vintage panel on a wooden base. Remember to prime such raw base (you don't have to do it if you work on a painting canvas). I covered the entire surface with modeling paste. I didn't do it very evenly. I meant to create different bumps, recesses into which paint could penetrate. I applied liquid acrylic paint to the prepared surface. As you will see in the video, you need to act quickly with these paints if you want to get a watercolor effect. Pour the paint with a large amount of water and spread it immediately. If we want to achieve smooth transitions between colors, let's apply colors quickly one by one. After drying, nothing can be done, the paint becomes permanent. On this background, you can easily add more media, even with water, nothing will blur.

The whole composition is not complicated. I arranged several layers of paper, flowers, chipboards. To get a more spatial effect, I glued layers with pieces of cardboard. The main element here is a large, resin frame. I covered it with black gesso and painted with waxes. The main thing is to apply waxes in a small amount and only on details. This way we will get the best effect.

I did not want the whole project to be too clean and new, so I have added rust effect paste here and there. I wanted to get a vintage effect. Also, the flowers and paper elements got some rust to make them blend with the rest. The final touch here is the opal magic paint in blue-green. This color goes perfectly with rust, giving it a beautiful contrast.

Liquid acrylic paints have strong, intense colors. This is their great advantage for me, you will love them, if you haven't already!

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Abhishek Jaswal said...

You are such a great artist and your artistic level is beyond the limits. The use of colors for that frame is outstanding. click here to visit my web page.

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