Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Magical Teapot Class - by Finnabair

Hi, how was your week?
I hope you found time to make something for yourself - remember every little act of art counts! Even the smallest one - it is still a step forward.
I didn't have a chance to work on anything bigger than just a bunch of notes and sketches - I was between 2 travels, straight from Africa I had to go to beautiful north of Italy and all my time was consumed by emails, orders for classes and organising my travels. It's not my favourite activity - it really sucks sometimes... But tit is the only way to get closer to you and be able to meet you in person.

Speaking about classes - we've opened bookings for the workshops in Mexico, Norway,  Estonia, UK, Ireland and The Netherlands now - and there are my NEW classes included in these! You can check the booking info and schedule here - remember the seats may sell out fast, so don't wait too long!

One of the new classes I'm teaching is the altered metal teapot frame from my winter release. I couldn't resist - I had to make something including it. It was one of my favourites frame designs I've made EVER! In the end  I made this project based on the design I've created for Creativation 2019.
What can you learn in the class?
"Magical Teapot" is inspired by the visual abundance of layers, textures and metallic colours,  stepping a bit into the ground of steampunk, vintage and everything metallic and shiny.
During this class we will be working on inside and outside of the metal frame. We will focus on altering techniques which will make your project beautiful and unique - adding details, textures based on Art Extravagance pastes and colours using the popular range of art mediums from my mixed-media collection. You will have a chance to try such products as soft and heavy gels, gesso in composition with Art Ingredients and a range of Art Alchemy Metallique Waxes and Rust Effect Pastes. 
As always we  we will build our projects step-by-step and you will see that presented techniques are very versatile and be easily used on many other projects such as collage or journal pages. I'll share my experience with you and try to give you plenty of information about the tools and products used. "Magical Teapot" is an exciting way to dive into the world of 3D mixed-media and altering, working with pastes, paints and art ingredients of different kinds!

Does it sound like something for you? 
Maybe I'm not as far as you think?
I hope you like this class idea - let me know what you think!
Would you like to try to create a project similar to this one? Or this is not your "cup of tea"?
Sending warmest hugs


Alka said...

Beautifully done

Sylvie said...

So wonderful, Ana !! Will you propose this class in Tours in France with Pascale in September ? I hope so !! XOXO

scrappergirl56 said...

Yes, yes, yes...I love the Teapot!!! I would really like for you to do an online class. Online is my only way to take one of your classes...

jasann said...

Would love to attend these classes, but I live in Australia - boo hoo - maybe one day I will be able to attend. Thank you for the inspiration you give us. - Jasmine

Lisa H said...

What a gorgeous project!! I got to take one of your classes several years ago and it was wonderful. =)

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