Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Altered Hearts tutorial and Social Media Talk - by Finnabair

Hi my dear ones!
I know I'm quiet sometimes, but it doesn't mean I'm not working - in fact the more quiet I am the more likely I'm busy with some cool - and possibly secret- stuff. There is a lot happening behind the scenes - classes are organised, products are released and designed, flights are booked and project are made. Some of these I'm trying to share with you through my social media.

Social Media - big thing nowadays, and I'm trying to be on the top of it as well - and you may help me, if you will spread the word I'm waiting for you all out there!

For example - Instagram accounts. Do you know I have two of these? @finnabair_studio is full of projects, inspiration and general mixed-media love while @finnabair is my personal one where I'm sharing my own projects only, travels and general glimpses into everyday life. And sometimes some random stuff I enjoy. And sometimes I talk too much - nevermind!

Starting last year I've decided to be more active on my FB Page and convinced by my creative friends and Prima I'm hosting Mixed Media Minutes - Live Shows on Facebook where I'm creating small projects step-by-step or present some useful techniques, product info or new releases! It's the easiest way to see them all before they are in the shops! Many of you told me though thy are not FB people, so I had to find a way to get these cool shows to you somehow - and here we come the last but not least - my own You Tube Channel. This is the place in the web with 100% Finnabair made videos and tutorials - so maybe you'd like to subscribe and tell your friends to do the same so you won't miss a thing... like the cool tutorials I've uploaded in the last month?
Here is one of them - Altered Hearts - featuring my new sets of Stamps, Mechanicals and Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylics in the great company of Art Ingredients, Sparks Paints and 7 Dots Studio Papers. 
You can see the whole project done step-by-step - how cool is this? And the product list is included in the YT video description as well! Check it out here!

If you'd like to see more of the videos or (maybe) subscribe - please follow this link. 
It would be great if you could tell your mixed-media friends about this option as well - the more of us the merrier!
Sending love your way

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