Friday, 14 September 2018

"Use your wings" shallow canvas

Hi my sweet friends,

On the northern hemisphere Autumn is coming. Leaves are turning into brown and golden but there are still days, when the skies are blue. This beautiful color combination was used by Bipasha to create the canvas below. On the video you will be able to see step-by-step transformation of white, plain circle into this marvelous, deep ocean themed project.

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For me, an art composition is so much more than just using clever tricks and fancy techniques.I love to think outside the box and create interesting off the page projects with unique shaped bases, coupled with emotions and my personality traits. For this month's project, I was inspired by the quote "Use your wings" to create a rusted deep ocean coral themed project using a shallow paper mache canvas. Its truly amazing how the different rust paste and fantasy rust paste sets can be mixed and matched to create a custom rusted scene! I used the rusted hues in browns, patina and blue powder for my composition along with the impasto paints in the same colour family.

At the very outset, I primed the surface with heavy white gesso to prepare it for further mediums. Once dry, I applied texture crackle paste and paper texture paste simultaneously through a stencil and with a palette knife respectively. Once I was happy with the subtle textures I let it air dry thoroughly and created the composition with assorted metal embellishments layered and adhered using 3D matte gel. I love the way it holds the dimensional elements strongly.

Next, I started with the colours. I used impasto paint in cobalt and jade and occasionally sprayed some water to create a water dripping effect and removed the excess with a wet wipe. Then I added the pumpkin impasto paint to the embellishment followed by highlighting the elements and the surrounding with coordinated rust pastes in browns and blues from the rust paste and fantasy rust paste lines.

Finally I added the powder blue rust paste from the fantasy rust paste set to highlight the details of my composition. I finished my project with diluted white gesso splatter.

The possibilities of these mediums and pastes when combined, are limitless. I hope you are inspired to create your own fantasy scene with these beautiful textured pastes, that becomes an outlet to your emotions infused with your unique personality traits.

Happy crafting!

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