Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Mixed Media Minutes - Vintage Gift Bag - Live Show Tutorial

Hi my loves...
I know, I know... I promised to upload this video on my YT as soon as possible but this REALLY took far too long this time. I know I should blame my travels and new release coming (have you seen the sneak peek yet???) and some backstage works on the new product, but anyway - my apologies.
I honestly hope you will forgive me and this short break will just give you more energy and your creative juices will flow even faster!

Let's have a look at the project then.
It's a lovely mix of careless stamping, crazy layering - fabrics, papers and embellishments - and finally final touches including my favourite Art Ingredients - Mica Powders and Micro Beads. I wanted to achieve the careless, freestyle and vintage look - so perfection and precision in this kind of project were not really necessary. As you can see, I could not resist and I've used new collection from 7 Dots Studio - Air Mail. Muted tones and vintage postcards inspired paper collection was a perfect choice for my altered paper bag!
If you will get a closer look at the details you may notice I added some found objects into the composition as well - there are some rusty pieces of wire and old nails included. I love to add elements like this into my projects - it is a touch of authenticity, getting closer to the real story, which these photos and elements could tell us all. I am a huge fan of everything vintage and you can find really a lot of unusual objects in my collection... some of them are just for decoration, but most of them is waiting for their turn to be used in the project!
Can you see these beautiful colour accents? These are new Prima Washi Tapes from Prima Travellers Journal collection (yes, I had to get them all). For or the extra sparkle I've used Micro Beads glued to the surfaces with my old faithful Art Basics 3D Gloss Gel. Do you know it is a perfect adhesive for any kind collage? It dries clear and it is easy to apply - with a palette knife or fingers!
Let me show you the whole process step-by-step now.
Here is the recorded and edited version of my FB Live tutorial - I hope you will get inspired and create a lot of beautiful, vintage and freestyle projects!

For your convenience here you can find most of the products I've used during the creating process - all linked to Mixed Media Place Online Store

Before I go, there is one more exciting thing happening now... the new release is coming! Have you seen the sneak peeks already? I can't barely stop myself and show you all... but I'm told to wait until next week. Sigh.
What do you think...any favourites so far?
Sending lots of love



Audrey said...

I want those new pebbles, new colours, new opal magic and rust pastes ! Everything looks amazing ! oO

Audrey said...

Everything looks amazing, I NEED those new rust pastes, colours and opal magic ! The pebbles look great too !

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