Monday, 4 June 2018

Art Alchemy Magic

Hello in June, Dear Friends! :)
You are in for another inspiring art treat from my Creative Team and today it's Karolina with her brand new creation - an exquisite mixed media card!
It's also followed with a video tutorial so we hope you'll feel tempted to try out Karolina's tips and techniques!

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Today I'd like to show you my newest mixed mixed media card. I created a light and airy composition with flowers and delicate gold accents.
You know how sometimes you are so filled with memories and emotions that the only thing to do is to create something with your own hands? This is what happened to me that day... :)
In this project the leading role belongs to different kinds of gesso. I used all three Art Basics kinds: White, Black and Clear (you can also buy them all in one set).
Gesso is right there in my top three must have products, right next to gel medium and modeling paste. I can't imagine any of my mixed media projects without them!

I started with priming my paper with Clear Gesso - then I could feel certain that no media I was going to use would smudge, soak into my base or destroy it in any way. A very useful trick!

Then, I applied Modeling Paste through a flowery 'Lace' stencil to create an interesting textured background and added little pieces of chipboards. Modeling Paste works just like glue so you can add all kinds of embellishments into it while it's still wet.
My next step was adding Black Gesso. It works real magic when you use it as dark background for other colors. All paints look so much more brilliant on Black Gesso, you should really try out this effect!
In my video below you will see me spraying the gesso with water to create gorgeous stains and smudges.

I also used Art Alchemy paints with water as I wanted to achieve the delicate effects resembling watercolors. I used Opal Magic and Metallique paints from Finnabair's range - I just love their palette!
They're super easy to use and permanent when dry and they are among my very favorite products for mixed media. I get the feeling you can't spoil anything when you use Art Alchemy. ;)

Black Gesso also looks stunning when used with Art Alchemy Waxes!
All the embellishments were glued with 3D Gloss Gel. This medium will secure them in place and you won't have to worry that anything will ever fall off your project.

I added some flowers, little pieces of delicate gauze and lace and Art Stones that always enrich every composition and make it even more multi-dimensional. Some splashes with gesso and paints completed my project.

Please, enjoy my step by step video tutorial!

I love leaving some space and visible background in my artworks. When I look at it, I always think about its endless possibilities and all the  wonders I can create.

It makes me feel a little bit like a sorceress with a paintbrush as my magic wand, creating Art Alchemy magic... ;)

Happy creating!

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