Friday, 1 June 2018

Brand Ambassadors - Healing Art - Part 2

Hey there Dear Friends!
Do you remember this brilliant post by my Brand Ambassadors?
I love seeing their gorgeous creations again and reading
the beautiful and personal stories about the healing power of art in their lives...

Today we continue with my Ambassadors sharing
some more super inspiring artworks and reflections.
You'll love it all!!

As long as I can remember, I have been creating lots of different forms of art which helped me overcome stress.
For a few years now, my favorite way to unwind and deal with stress has been making albums.

I always create in the evenings, with a cup of good coffee, a great movie series on, ready to start cutting and glueing.
Even prepairing the materials and supplies, searching for pretty add-ons and the whole process of getting ready helps me to relax, distance myself from the rest of the world and think only about what the outcome is going to be.

These small mixed media albums (my favourite ones are 5 x 5 inch) I create just for myself and they always make me feel calm.

I also like to give them to my closest friends as little presents without occasion.
Making others happy is also a form of therapy because there is nothing more beautiful and rewarding than a smile on someone's face. :)

* JOHN *

Since I was a young child, art has always been my retreat. Creating has always led me to a safe space where there are no rules, no worries about the outside world – just me and bringing my ideas to life.

As I’ve grown older, my studio has become my escape from the trials and tribulations of the outside world. The instant that I walk into my studio, I leave all the stress and worries at the door. After turning on the lights and turning on some music, I sit at my table, take a deep breath, and an instant feeling of CALM falls upon me.


The project I want to share with all of you is titled CALM, the feeling that I have when I’m sitting at my studio table to create with no boundaries.
The other place that brings me peace of mind is being in the outdoors, where there’s no wifi, no cell service, no hustle and bustle of the city. Just myself enjoying the sound of the breeze, the trees and mountains of the Pacific Northwest where I can clear my mind and ground myself.
This canvas incorporates bark that I found in the yard, highlighted with Metallique and Antique Art Alchemy Waxes. The bark strip on the right was broken into three pieces, connected with heavy gauge wire and individually wrapped with copper wire.
The background of the canvas was created with Texture Paste to resemble the pattern of the tree bark then colored with washes of Impasto and Metallique paints.
An upcycled piece of cardboard is the background behind the Scrabble pieces that spell CALM.
I hope that you’ve found inspiration to remember the importance of incorporating creativity in your life, even if for a few moments each day.
Don't forget to cultivate your souls and take time to recharge, to relax and allow yourselves the opportunity to just BE.

* KEREN * 

Art is one of the things that really helps me emotionally and spiritually.
Creating puts me in a type of meditative state. It calms my spirit and my soul.
When I’m creating, I am not thinking of anything else. I just dive right into the art and get lost in it. It clears my mind and helps me deal with everyday stressors a little easier.

One of the creative forms that helps me the most is Art Journaling.
In art journaling you can express yourself and pour all your emotions onto a page. It is like an art diary where all your emotions and worries can be released.
I become so relaxed right after I create an art journal page. It's as if all my stress was released and poured into my art.
Art is a very powerful emotional outlet for me and I love it so much!!!
I created this art journal page with Finnabair's Impasto paints and stamps.
The page surface is canvas and therefore it has such great texture.
Here is the video on how I created this piece.
I hope you'll feel inspired to pour your own emotions onto a page or canvas! :)


I must admit that March and April were difficult months for me... Constant stress and lots of work, there was no time for creativity.

And then a day came when I just had enough and I simply pushed everything away, cleared my table and created these mixed media cards.
This was such a great pleasure! The very process of creating something beautiful, we should always find time for it, even if it's just 10 minutes a day!
Sometimes it's so important to drop everything and do something that makes you feel recharged and joyous! Simply grab your favorite paints and don't think too much. Just relax!

I'd like to share a video in which you'll be able to see step by step how I created my cards. Enjoy!



This is all about a project that you've put lots of time and effort into, only to see it ruined by a blotch of paint, a blob of glue, or other "I can't fix this" misstep along the way.
It's about not giving up, or throwing something away that doesn't make you happy.
We all have this in our lives, whether it's art projects, friendships, jobs, or just life in general.

This started out on a tall 4x8" canvas with lots of scrap papers, tissue paper, stenciling with Plaster Paste, and paints for the background.
It also was running the opposite direction with a stunning vintage lady on the right side where the metal turn is now.
I had applied Soft Matte Gel and then decided to spray some blue around her base. Well, long story short, the spray ruined the image of the lady and would not budge.
That having been said, I ripped her off!!! The canvas then sat on my desk for weeks... usually I don't give up that easily, there's always a way to cover a mistake up, but in this instance, I pushed it aside.
But then weeks later I decided to "turn this piece around." Literally. I added more tissue paper, some script and number stamps, a new vintage image, and we were off to the races!
I dug into my metal ephemera from years ago; added a turn with a tiny number, and a brass plate. I used Metallique Art Alchemy Waxes on the high points to make them shine.
I wanted bright colors to offset the sepia-toned photo, so the butterflies took center stage.
The Art Stones with various Metallique and Impasto paints got surrounded with a mixture of Micro Beads and Glass Glitter.
Shading brought the piece some dimension, and white splatters broke up the background just a bit. I loved it even more now.
I guess the lesson here is "never give up". Much like all events in life, there's usually a better day coming. Things will look different tomorrow.
Hopefully you can take something that didn't quite work and "turn it around" to create a whole new situation that makes you happy. That's what I did here. That's what I hope you can do in your tough situations. When life gives you lemons ~ I hope you can make lemonade. Turn it around.

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