Monday, 19 March 2018

Loving Memories

Hi there Friends!
I'm sure many of you will feel touched by our lovely Juliya's beautiful new artwork...
Juliya's also sharing a video tutorial in which you will see her super clever and creative idea how to turn an ordinary frame into a special 'window' to your memories. :) Enjoy!

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Today I'd like to present another one piece of home decor I've created recently. This time it's a decorative frame filled with all kinds of pretty embellishments and some precious memories...

My grandmother was very fond of flowers. The backyard of her house was always brimming with beautiful blooming flowers. I remember from my childhood that all my grandma's plants were planted in the zinc buckets just like the ones you can see in the picture that is the focal point of my piece. This one little photo made me travel in time...
I started by priming the wooden frame with Heavy White Gesso to make sure the wood wouldn't soak in all the paints and mediums.

Then I added some beautiful textures with the help of the new Plaster Paste - the effect is exactly what I wanted - a gorgeous shabby and time worn look!

To paint my frame, I reached for the lovely Blue tone from the Patina Effect Paste set. I just diluted the paste with a little water as I didn't want the color to be too bright and distract the viewer from all the charming elements I wanted to add.
I took my sturdy square acrylic sheet and gave it a beautiful transparent texture with 3D Gloss Gel and one of Prima's stencils.

When the gel was dry, I arranged my composition and all the adorable embellishments I wanted to include in my piece. I think the Mechanicals Hardware 'screws' worked especially lovely in the corners of my frame.

When I was happy with the arrangement, I glued the sheet onto my wooden frame and had a blast playing with alcohol inks that work brilliantly on plastic! They also beautifully emphasized the pattern of the stenciled 3D Gel.
The Rust Effect Paste from the Patina set helped me to give my decor and its elements a great rusty vintage look.
I really love all the Rust Pastes and sometimes I feel like covering the whole project with rust. ;)

The final accent was the sentiment sticker from the "Lost And Found" line from 7 Dots Studio.
Here is my video so you can watch my creative process and see the products I used.
Enjoy and have fun!


And that's how a pretty photo found on Pinterest has awakened some precious forgotten memories from my early childhood...

The magical pastes, their textures and colors helped to translate all these wonderful emotions to art that now decorates my house and makes me smile whenever I look at it.

I hope I have inspired you to capture your memories and make a wonderful artin this unique form!

Lots of love,
Juliya Tirskaya

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Hina Mirza said...

Love all the details u have done in this frame. Beautiful ❤️

NancyO. said...

I love this piece ! So much detail ! Fun !

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