Monday, 5 March 2018

A Rusty Treasure

Hi there Dear Readers!
Our talented Marta has used her magic and some of my flag products to create another special piece of altered art!
You will love to see her tutorial and learn how easy it is to make something truly magical with your own hands. Enjoy!

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Hello friends!
Today I would like to show you something special - a ceramic bottle with many many Mechanicals metal elements and a lot of lovely rust effects!
To achieve this wonderfully aged rusty look, I mixed all three Rust Effect Paste sets - Military, Camouflage and Metal Rust.
I picked warm, rusty colors - Rusty, Yellow Rust, Dusty and Brown.

But before any rust action, I covered my bottle with a layer of Clear Gesso to properly prime it.
I wanted to make sure that my mixed media products would firmly stick to the surface and not fall or chip off later on. I went for the Clear variety as I like the original brown color of the ceramic bottle and wanted it to stay as is.
Then I added some Plaster Paste - it gave me a bit of interesting texture to my bottle.
Then I started adding the metal elements to make my altered bottle really unique. I used a hot glue gun and sometimes 3D Matte Gel which is just great to stick heavier add-ons.

I didn't want my bottle to look too heavy so I started off with just a few elements to start building my composition and I covered them with different colors of Rust Pastes, simply mixing them directly on the surface. I think they beautifully matched the original color of the bottle!
Now was the right time to add some additional texture. I covered a few places with 3D Matte Gel, I focused around metal elements and sometimes under them. I sprinkled these places with Art Stones and covered them with Rust Pastes too.

Later on I added more metal elements, flowers, wings and lovely vintage trinkets... and covered them with Rust Pastes again.
Yup, there are many many layers of mixed media products on this bottle! :)

In the end I added the lightest colors of Rust Pastes just to add some highlights.
When I was satisfied with the color and composition, I covered some places with Art Alchemy Waxes (see which ones in the product list below). They added a bit of beautiful delicate shine on the matte layers of Rust Pastes.

And now please enjoy my video tutorial and see how simple it is to decorate such a magical rusty altered bottle!

The story is I found this forgotten, ordinary looking bottle in my father's basement. Can you imagine? :)
Finding it was like finding a treasure 'cause  I knew  right away that could make it look really special with my new pastes!

You can use the Rust Pastes to add a vintage look to ordinary boring objects and turn them into unique magical home decor!
Maybe it's worth rummaging through your attics and basements - you might come across something inspiring!

Be creative and love what you make! :)

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Sue Lelli said...

This is absolutely GORGEOUS! LOVE the video tutorial, too! FAB colors!

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