Friday, 2 March 2018

Cabinet of Curiosities

Hi there, Friends!
Kasia's here today with an amazing new project that is so versatile that it will immediately give you some ideas how to make such a frame your own. I'm very curious what your special little 'cabinet' frame would contain... :)
Don't hesitate to share your makes in our Finnabair & Friends Open Studio facebook group - we love seeing you there!

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sometimes someone asks me why I make this type of artworks - without any specific purpose and not useful for anything practical. Have you ever been asked that too? :)

Why? Well, I must admit that for me it's a strange question. Art doesn't have to be useful or practical! We create to express ourselves artistically, to get our hands dirty, to play with new paints and products, or to simply have fun. And that's why this project was created. :)
I made my own cabinet of curiosities with a selection of my favorite elements, symbols and little trinkets. For me each of them is meaningful in some way. There is a feather here, a star, and a seahorse - a piece of the sea world that I love so much.

I also had to add my favorite embellishments that add so much character to my artworks - all sizes of Art Stones, mysterious little bottles and simple white string.
In this piece I also included my favorite colors and textures.
I've recently rediscovered the beauty of Art Extravagance Graphite Paste and now you can find it in almost each of my projects. :) It doesn't really matter that it's black because once it's dry, you can easily give it any color you like and still enjoy the textural effect.
In this piece I used it through the 'Bubbles' stencil.
I painted my main embellishments with the gold rust from Rust Effect Paste set. This is my favorite shade of yellow and it worked perfectly in this project. Doesn't it beautifully contrast with Art Alchemy Metallique Emerald Green?!
I also added some Art Alchemy Waxes here and there. I used the Vintage Gold one which beautifully highlighted the details and gave this frame a more noble character. 
This project is filled with all kinds of my must-haves.
There are products that I always have at hand and without them my project somehow seem incomplete. :)
I definitely need to have Heavy White Gesso, Art Stones, gauze and white ink or paint for accents and splatters. They add this final little "something" so that I  can feel the project is finished.

I made a video especially for you so if you'd like to create your own "Cabinet of curiosities", you can see my process and feel inspired. :)

With my project today I'd like to remind you that whatever you create and why, remember that first of all, you create for yourself.

Experiment, don't be afraid of new things, listen to your own voice, don't think, just act!

Don't think from the beginning about how your project will be judged. Just have fun and love what you create!


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