Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Angelica - mixed-media collage

Hi again, my dear ones!
I'm back on the blog today with a brand new project which I had on my mind for a long while.
I was inspired by the "face in the bottlecap" idea since I saw it on one of the projects made by my CT Memember - Sanda. Later I found a collage by Olya Khomenok using one of my Mechanicals and an image in a similar way... and the cogs and gears in my head started to turn!
I was putting this idea away for far too long, so when I was asked to design an exclusive full day collage class, I knew exactly what to do - a mixed-media angel collage. So here she is - Angelica.
As you can see I've decided to play with many textures - created with fabric, tapes, stencils and gel - just name it! I took some time to build the whole body of the Angel using paper, embellishments and a lot of Art Basics 3D Gel and Heavy Body Gel. I put some pieces of old paper on the table, dipped the brush in Art Basics Soft Gel and collaged away...

It was a moment when I knew I wasn't restricted with time so I could devote a whole day to artmaking and simply enjoy creating this collage and making a project which turned out to be really close to my heart. I hope you can see it!
I was adding the colours without thinking too much - I've decided to work mostly with Art Alchemy Metallique paints and touches of Impasto and Waxes - and again, I enjoyed this freedom so much!

I focused on the elements that were making me happy, the colours and textures... Every next step was taking me closer to the idea I had in mind.

Finally, I could proclaim it finished and only work on the very last detail, i.e. naming the painting. Believe it or not, it is often my biggest struggle - coming up with names for the projects and products... and the same happened here! :) When I finally had an idea, I had to check the correct Latin version of the word too!

This way my "Angelica" was created and I'm happy to announce this artwork was designed especially for the "Texture and Colour" retreat in Coventry, UK.
 It will be the one and only chance to experience the full day "Finnabair style" collage class, so don't miss it and book your seat now!!! You can find all the booking info below:

I really hope you like my "Angelica"collage and that you will be able to join us for this weekend filled with art and creativity... I hope to see you in the classroom!
Sending warmest wishes



Lisa H said...

This is beautiful!!! I wish I could be in that class. It will be wonderful I know. =)

Sammy said...

It's so beautiful! I just love all that texture, and can't wait to have a go in person next month! x

la_sabp said...

Wonderful project!!! 😍😍😍😍

Tiitony Mixed-Media Craft said...

I would like to be able to participate in this course. the project is ambitious and beautiful. I am in love with this canvas. 😍

mamablitger said...

She is fabulous. I love all the fantastic elements. So much to enjoy close up. Also the way you created the skirtin layers like a real one. It’s looking awesome !!
I would LOVE to participate in your class... sigh
Thanks for sharing your wonderful art. It is always such a great way to get inspired.
Hugs from Monica

Ivana Split said...

This collage is so beautiful. I love how you played with texture. You're so talented.

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