Friday, 16 June 2017

Teal Meets Rust ATCs

Hi Friends!
Marta created most inspiring small forms for today's post! I'm sure you'll love the colors and Marta's creative techniques how to easily make some interesting textures. There's a video too - so enjoy and feel inspired!

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Hello friends!
Today I have for you four colorful pieces of art - a teal and rust inspired Artist Trading Card set.
I just love this combo of teal and rusty shades, I often think that it's a bit like mixing water and fire to achieve a really special color palette.
My ATCs were created on plain cardboard and you can use basically any kind of cardboard as your base. Mine was quite thick, but its grey color was the problem - I didn't like it and that's why my first step was covering all my cardboard pieces with a layer of White Gesso.

To create an interesting background, I glued some pieces of 'Checkered' resist canvas colored with a teal spray and used Light Paste applied through the 'Netting' stencil. Later on I've added some circle shaped chipboards to create dimension and layers.
As you will see, apart from the glue I also used staples to attach my embellishments to the base. I think they add an interesting 'edge' to the whole piece.
The most important thing was choosing the right colors - I decided to use Impasto Azure paint and Art Alchemy Metallique Mermaid Teal. They go together just beautifully and create an amazing color connection on my ATCs.

I've used some beautiful Mechanicals metal embellishment, some of them were already rusty.
I connected these elements with red thread which not only created some additional yummy mess in the background but also added a great color accent.
I've stuck my elements with hot glue applied with a gun.
In the end I applied Rust Pastes on the metal elements, the chipboards and also on the edges of each of my ATCs.
It created this special vintage touch that I love so much.

I also love to use Art Ingredients Micro Beads. I sprinkled some Copper ones around the embellishments, I especially like them inside the Mechanicals Lotus Flowers. I think they are a magical accent that will make your projects very special.
Here's my short 'making of' video for you to enjoy and feel inspired!

To tell you the truth, I left my comfort zone with this color palette and I'm so glad I did. :)
I love this contrasting color combo of rust and aqua/teal (with a touch of red!).

You should try this palette in your art and also enjoy how wonderful the textures can be - smooth acrylic paints combined with rough rust pastes - you'll love this effect!

I hope you like my ATC set and that you will feel inspired by it and create something magical yourselves. :)

Happy creating!

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Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Marta these are awesome. I really love ATC's and the exchanges I've been involved in over the years. Just amazing what you can do on such a small space. Thank You for sharing your beautiful ART...these are my favorite colors too. Enjoy a lovely weekend.

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