Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Eclecticism, Girl Power and Much More

Hi, I'm so happy to see you all again here!
Today I've got a really personal project to show you.
Not long ago, in the first days of May I was invited to teach in Khabarovsk, Russia. What a journey it was! First time in Russia for me - and THAT far Russia, literally on the bank of Amur river, next to China and not far from Korea. I had to look twice at the map before I could believe where I was going! Of course - one Everything was sorted - I couldn't wait, expecting an adventure, time really to remember - and I was right!
I'm not going to tell you all the details of my experience of Khabarovsk - as it would be far too long sorry, but I'd like to share the feeling I had about the event I was invited to - 2nd Scrap Festival,  organised by Irina and her friends from Scrap Club. There were 3 more teachers invited to teach during the same time, so I had a chance not only spend time with fabulous, talented people who decided to be my students, but also meet 3 big names of the Russian scrap world: Olga Znamenskaya known as Pastilka, Lena Vinogradova and Janna Khusnulina - and I even look over their shoulders during the classes! So fun! With Janna we went even one step further - and here my story happens!

During one of Janna's class I  had my time off - so encouraged with the fact she had come my classroom the day before and created an amazing journal cover I decided not to miss that chance and literally sit in my small corner and play a bit too - especially I received the kit! She was so graceful and kind to let me look over her shoulder and follow her in my own messy way - and soon her beautiful, clean, fresh and modern project turned into something much more on the grungy side!

I was doing my best to be a quiet, not distracting student - and I think she didn't regret letting me play along ;) I loved the base she prepared for the students and I patiently put all the elements together, but then - my nature took over... I pulled out all the leftover of my kit from the day before, some sprays, some Mechanicals, Art Basics I had with me. some Micro Beads and Art Alchemy Wax... but I still believe it is a great marriage of both our creative personalities, don't you think?
Here we are both - proud with our projects :) What a great time it was, and Janna is such a sweetheart!
What I loved the most about Scrap Festival was the atmosphere of those days - filled with creativity, authenticity, building and celebrating friendships and truly enjoying each others company. It brought to me so many memories from different periods of my life - including our early days of first craft and scrap meetings and crops in Poland -  and it was truly an experience. I felt so accepted and welcomed, in those few days I received so much love that I should have my batteries filled till the end of the year!
Sitting there, after Janna's class finished, gluing paper envelopes inside the cover to create mini book I decided I want to capture this unique moment. Again - I took whatever was left from both kits and my art mediums I made the first page of the journal, which later became a memory book where I was gathering the messages from all participants of the event.
Just look at those smiling facesI found somewhere in my stash - aren't they perfect?
I'm really happy with this eclectic mix of styles, colours, elements. I think it reflects the beautiful differences between us all - there is a bit of everything, but I think I managed to put all together in a coherent page, just like the Scrap Festival bonded us all for the few days - or for longer for some, I'm sure!

Here I'm trying to recall some of the supplies I used to decorate the cover of Janna's book - all of the linked to Mixed Media Place Store. I hope it helps!

I'm wishing you all a great, creative week - this weekend I'll be teaching in Coventry, during the biggest event in UK I was invited to... fingers crossed and wish me luck!
huge hugs


Dortesjs said...

waue, awsome book, love the colours and the very fine embellisments

Avonka said...

It was really an exiting experience! All the BIG Speakers, the flow of inspiration that took us into the big world of scrap, mixed media and watercoloring... and of course frienship! new very intresting (not virtual) contacts! I am so happy and proud to be the part of those Scrap days ih Khabarovsk.

Sue Lelli said...

The event sounds Amazing and your book is Gorgeous! LOVE the colors, too!

scraplandiya said...

My dear Anna, I'm sooo happy to read this post, thank you! I already took a place of your classes in St. Petersburg! I'm waiting for that happy days! :) We are love you! Hugs!

Miranda Edney said...

Finn i love it so much! I so hope in January at AV i can try and create in your class, think Denny would notice? haha! xoxo

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